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Just a day after his sentencing the. Da Slaps Hor. Hey with two new felony charges in relation to the disappearance of Diana. He's charged with lewd or lascivious molestation civilian less than twelve and battery of a child. Now this isn't murder charges but at least it's something honestly. That's kind of a huge relief to me. I mean we look at the the Najah case that we did a couple of weeks ago along with Angie's case from Indianapolis and there was so much circumstantial evidence and it's Kinda refreshing to see law enforcement. Move on a case. Especially when it's a lot of just circumstantial stuff right. I mean and circumstantial stuff. It seems so clear. And they do a lot of circumstantial evidence. Not only do they have all the phone. Location record text messages the pictures on his phone the history with Diana but they also got some new witnesses in the year. Since Diana's disappearance particularly a man that we've mentioned before Mario who is Mario again so from earlier in our story. Mario was the like mutual friend. That actually reconnected Rita in Hor. Hey when he was helping her he find work in Fort Myers. Okay so everyone in the story is Kinda connected. Mario is actually Mary. To Rita's sister. Though Rita sister at the time was living in Mexico so Mario is able to fill in some pieces for police. He's around the time Diana disappeared. He gets a call from Pablo. Who's Hor he's brother? Pablo asked Mario for a favor. Hey my brother's car got in a crash and I need you to pick it up from the shop. He's gone. My brother can't do it. Because he's traveling Blah Blah Blah. Could you just do me a solid? So he does but he said there was something strange when he went to go. Pick up the car and thoat back to Okeechobee. Pablo asked he didn't see any signs of a crash. No damage like nothing. Messed up the only thing he noticed was that the bottom of the car was just like coated in mud. Like it had been off roading. Mario later told Melissa Montoya From News. Press that police interviewed him multiple times and even gave him a lie detector test. He said that he thought that they did that. Because they were looking for some kind of a complex that may be helped or hey either do what he did or to at least cover it up ultimately. Mario says that he had no idea what was going on or that. Or he even capable doing what he'd been accused and convicted of at that point. Hold up so he didn't get a call from horror he. He got a call from his brother. Pablo yes and Pablo who lived in the same trailer while whore. Hey was abusing Diana. Yes call me crazy. But could this be the accomplished? The police are looking for so your crime. Junkie brain is working a little bit like mine. Mario said that the two were always together. But I mean there have been zero. Formal allegations made against Pablo. And he doesn't come up a lot in reports about this case. I mean he really just gets like offhand. Mentions here and there so I don't know if anyone else has the same suspicions but either way. Mario was on the DA's witness list. And all of this could get brought into trial. But there's another witness that is even more damning to her hay a former jail cellmate named Juan in an article from WYNC News Dot Com from back in December. Two thousand seventeen. They summarized documents released by the Lee County Sheriff's Office. These documents said that Wall Jose and Juan were together. Jorges asked one how much time he would face for quote the murder charge. Now keep in mind. This is before he'd been charged with even the kidnapping stuff. He told his cellmate that he was probably going to get charged with rape kidnapping and murder and he went on one says to detail what actually happened on the day. Diana went missing according to one story. Whore he picked up Diana and was going to take her into Mexico but when he crashed his car everything changed and he thought he had to get rid of Diana before police showed up on the see what. Yeah no listen we know. Jailhouse informants are the end. All be all but it's a story that makes sense with everything. We know the broken down car the mud at the bottom of it but something about the story feels off to me remember. Mario said it didn't look like there was a crash is a bunch of mud on the bottom of the car. So we're to speculate for a second and say that it was the off roading. That actually stalled the car out. He would have only been going off road to do something to Diane and presumably to hide a body. And it's because of that that your car doesn't work but one story is kind of the opposite. He's saying that there was a crash and that's why he went off roading but if there was a crash the car broke down. Then you don't go to where you should go to the mud on the bottom. Your car does that make sense right. Basically it's the reverse order of how it should have happened. Yeah and I. I don't think I can fully piece it together because I have no real proof of what was wrong with the car. I mean maybe something else happened. Maybe the mud had nothing to do with it. I just pointed out to say that we still don't have the full story. And as the second anniversary started to approach whore he was still not saying a word to officials. It was starting to feel like the truth. Might never be known that the battery and Lewd Acts Charges were the best that the family was going to get but then on May third two thousand eighteen. This happens good morning everybody. We're here today to announce a couple of things. The first thing we want to announce is a grand. Jury has returned an indictment for first degree murder kidnapping and lewd or lascivious molestation against horror. Hey Manual Guerrero Tarez for the death of nine year old Diana Alvarez. We're standing here with our law enforcement partners. We want to give a huge thanks to the league. County sheriff's Office the FBI FDLE and the Department of Homeland Security in this case Lee County Sheriff's Office Detective Standing Beside me. All the sheriff's Office did a tremendous amount of hard work a thorough and extremely complete investigation on this case culminating in this grand jury indictment for the charge of first degree murder and the two other life felonies or office made the decision to convene a grand jury in this case with the help of law enforcement because we will not rest until we saw. Torres held responsible for what he did to this little girl. Wow so did they find her? No they actually didn't so the as moving forward with a no body case right well they were. It was a case that was going to take a long time to build. Many of the witnesses and people involved in the case were all over the country even in other countries so they were given a long time to kind of track everyone and get this to trial as nobody case. But in March of this year. Twenty twenty after almost four years of Diana being missing everything changed according to Fox forest digital team surveyors found Diana's remains in a wooded area of Yeehaw junction the same general place. That police had been searching so many times before she was there the whole time. Finding her there exactly where they presumed she would be only strengthened. Their case and prosecutors are now seeking the death penalty. Jorges pled not guilty and proceedings for the case. Were actually supposed to star in March but because of the Kovic nineteen outbreak. Everything's getting pushed and at the time of our recording. He's scheduled to be back in court. The day that this episode is supposed to Air April twenty seven two thousand twenty but honestly who knows if it won't get pushed farther back at this point but at least the twenty seventh or whatever date in the future there is hope hope for justice. And maybe that will provide even the smallest amount of peace to Diana's Family..

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