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Nine eleven the the bowels of the building as it's been described i called it the vegas room because that show back their head about twelve positions twelve to fifteen positions where people could be on mike at any given time and the first time i filled in doing a weekend thing in between being thrown out of other places i had a producer was talking about headphones but i have no idea where they were they were sitting in this perch above and this producers both literally an hour and a half into the show i had no idea i just kept hearing 'em hearing him in my head i was talking to him but couldn't say but it's literally the biggest duty i've ever seen oh and we have people come into our studio from around the world and they walked in with gasp man they just come from new york or la and they were like what every christmas we would have the forty kids from the woodstock high school and all with plenty of red studio we would line them up inactivate both sides of the studio so a and combo and they would all the way around so all the microphones would be hot and we were able to to mike all forty of them and let all forty of them step up to the microphone with their christmas wishes which was really cool we did that for fifteen years sixteen building was famous for fake walls in storage areas legroom that secret visited wall.

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