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From home height, says he'll outline his back to school plan this Thursday, but he says it may have to be amended if virus conditions change. Like DiNardo, Kois, heavily news radio. It's 9 48, and he is the face of national coded information. Dr Anthony thought, she says, however, he does not want the Trump campaign to use his face. In an advertising now making the rounds. In fact, he said, this political advertisement should be taken down. Imagine that anybody could be doing more. Dr Fauci called his presence in the spot really unfortunate and really disappointing. These latest comments come one day after he told CNN. He did not consent to being featured in the president's New advertisement and that his words were taken out of context. He says he has never either directly or indirectly endorsed a political candidate. The mother of late US Senator John McCain has died. Roberta McCain was 108 years old and her feisty personality became her son's secret weapon during his 2008 presidential campaign. CBS's Matt Piper reflects on her life as the wife and daughter in law of four star admirals. Roberta McCain knew the sacrifices of military life. It was what helped her through the years when her son John was a prisoner of war in Vietnam. Johnny will tell you absolutely, faith was what brought him through, say they be him of every single day, but he and are dying faith of a whole, but hell, I think I do Johnny, who would go on to become Senator McCain of Arizona? Wanna described Roberta as a strong, determined woman who thoroughly enjoyed life. A mother who taught by example, and she was an example to the nation, though in a wheelchair she was front and center at her son's memorial service at the U. S. Capitol. That Piper CBS News. A water main break is causing a part of Montgomery County to be placed under a boil. Water advisory Pennsylvania. American water is asking customers in affected areas to boil the water before drinking it because of possible contamination. Oh, this effects about 333,000 customers, potentially affecting 86,000 residents. Norristown in Bridgeport, er, part of this advisory as well as parts of East and West Norton. Upper Marry in Plymouth, Lower Providence. Whit Pain War, Sister Whitemarsh and perky, um in townships. Restaurants in these areas must close unless they can provide an approved alternative source of water..

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