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Full of facts behind the video of the woman being shot are yet to be revealed. Kabo Delgado is now the scene of an alarming new conflict fueled by local frustrations about corruption and inequality. Conflict Mozambique government He's struggling to contain Africa correspondent Andrew Harding reporting Now it's 12 Minutes to Matthew Kenyon is here with the sport. Matthew Hi Lawrence Winn for Manchester City at the start of their bid to regain the English Premier League title, a beat will's by three goals to one on Monday night. Aston Villa Bait Sheffield United By a goal to nil. Melon got their Syria campaign up and running in Italy with a tuna when over Bologna's Latin Ibrahimovic scoring yet again. We're going to concentrate on football now, with one of the most eye catching moves off the last weeks that hasn't been a transfer, but alone. I'm talking, of course, about the return of Gareth Bale to top hot spare from Ray on the dredge. Who paid her then world record faith for the Welsh International back in 2013 bail on one level had a tremendous time at rail 30 major trophies, including four European champions leagues and two legal titles. But the long drawn out ending has been painful to see. With the fans turning on him on the player essentially being frozen out by coach centered in Sudan looked pretty unhappy on the sidelines. While Bales agent Jonathan Barnett has been telling the BBC about the player's decision to come back to Tottenham on loan, he was asked why things went so badly wrong for Gareth Bale. At the Bernabeu. Not to put the blame on people because doesn't help where things could be made better for him. My pin he wasn't treated correctly for somebody who's done so much for a great club. I think that things were wrong when you say he wasn't treated correctly. What do you mean? More? Specifically, I'd be grateful if you could enlighten us. It's hard to put one's finger on it, but I think somebody has achieved what he has achieved for club in seven years should have been treated better. I don't blame anybody will go into it. I think what the fans that was disgraceful on the club didn't help. That's what I really want to get into. Yes, because he won so many trophies. He helped win them so many trophies. So perhaps he wasn't sort of given the respect that he deserved. Is what you're saying in a nutshell. Yeah, that's the basis of it. I think It could have been treated better, and I think I'm very upset. Probably that he wasn't the deal is a season long loan with Garris like it to be a permanent move to Tottenham. I think he's happy with the one year that's what he wanted. That was his wishes on DH. That's what it's gonna be. I haven't spoken. I'm sure that things would be really worked out. Well, we have no problem in another year. This is the Tubby wants to play. I don't see any problems. If you want to know the given what you said about realmadrid. It would be impossible for him to go back there. Really? Wouldn't it here left to see when the subject won't come up so successful taught him want to stay. To be a simple tilt to do the rest for Spurs fans to think about. Maybe he'll want to stay for the long term. Gareth Bale's agent, Jonathan Barnet, with the baby sees Gary Richardson at one of the line for you. Michael Jordan is setting up a new ness card team. We're talking about stock car racing in the states. Of course, the basketball Great has got together with driver Denny Hamlin is co owners, and they have appointed Bubba Wallace. The only black driver in NASCAR's top tier to drive for them next season, And it is explicitly once more about racial and social justice. Protests in the states like cute. Mathew came in with the sport. Now having me likened to Star Trek, the US Space Force. It's the latest military might to be signed in to play by President Donald Trump and the first military edition since 1947 is come under some pretty heavy skepticism from satire. To ridicule even but it has just made its first deployment to a final frontier of sorts, the Arabian Peninsula in the U. S Air Base in Qatar. So what's it doing? There isn't really needed. Actually is, it really knew? Well, Dr. Brian Weeden is a former U. S. Air Force officer and currently the director of the programme planning for the Secure World Foundation, and I spoke to him earlier. What the space experts due primarily is provide expertise on how to use satellite communications. How do you satellite imagery, space based services like GPS and positioning satellite intelligence? How all those things can be used to make more efficient planning and how to optimize the use of those types of missions? That are being conducted in the region. And the question is, is the threat any greater? Because U. S. Officials do contend that last month we had defense Secretary Mark Esper born ING that Russia and China were developing weapons that could knock out US satellites, scattering dangerous debris across space, paralyzing cellphones. Weather forecast as well as American drones. Maybe fighter jets as well. I mean, he's saying the threat is growing. Is he right? He's right in the sense that it is growing relative to where it was, let's say 20 years ago. It is Maura return to the way things were during the Cold War. We had both the US and the Soviet Union. Both had developed and satellite weapons have tested and deploy them. And there was this really notion of space being contested. That went away with the father of union and there was a period of time with the US essentially felt there wasn't going to be any other country to challenge its ability to use space. And at the same time the U. S invested a lot in integrating space to make its military more effective. Look what happened in Afghanistan and Iraq in the last 20 years. Space has become integral to everything the U. S military does so Espirit is very right in what has been happening. Iran, Russia and China and to a much lesser extent, Iran will that North Korea have been investing in characters capabilities. My foundation pushed together a public report the tracks quite a bit of this. And they have been developing and testing things. So he is right in that these threats are growing and that again that is what drove a lot of this debate about us. What do we do about it? How do we change the things us is doing before too? Better address those threats. Are you saying that this deployment even though it's a name change, it's a refocus. If it is a return to Cold War relations doesn't make the world more secure or less secure. Well, great question. This particular deployment is about how to better integrate space into terrestrial military operations and combat going on. In the region in the Middle East. Itself is not really about what's happening in space, but how we use space in those terrestrial campaigns. But the space force itself is putting a lot of thought into. How does it address the contest the nature of the growing threats in space just a few weeks ago and released It calls its capstone document, which is its formulation of how to looking ahead. Address those challenges what's going on in the space environment, and it does make some changes relative to the way things were perceived back when the air Force was running the show. Like you said, same personnel, Different badge. That's effectively what it is Dr. Brian Weed and former U S Air Force officer on Space Force, and You're right, Lawrence. The badge. Does that very like starter expansion. He does, doesn't it? Mr soon tweeted.

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