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To score broad will be held at. Single stock is nothing growers. Roquette about lupus. To score score on a two run single Pereira brats. No walkie turned out to be the final score brewers four. Rockies. Nothing. Brewers up two games to none in the division series. Dan, Schulman Chris singleton provided the call on ESPN radio everything right now going right for the broke crew. The great thing for the brewers is going on the road to Colorado. They know that they cannot lose the series. If they're going to lose the series. It's going to have to happen back here in their home turf here at number part and just an outstanding job of the pitchy for the Milwaukee Brewers the great job Craig counsel. He's had plans they worked out he had to alter his plans a little bit this afternoon. But at the end of the day the pitcher if the players in the pitchers perform, then you win ballgames. Yali picks up. The win Tyler Anderson pitchers very well for the Rockies, but he takes the loss. Jeremy Jeffers picks up to save. He goes to shutout innings those eight picks up to save the walkie get three big insurance after the bottom of the gate bidding with to single but Iraqis is going to be a long flight back haul wondering what can they do to get the batch going before it's too late. Dan, Schulman.

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