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Warning and that'll be for both of these. The first one is serious. The last one a little less so the fbi's announcing they have new evidence in the crystal rogers case in bardstown are searching multiple locations today in bardstown. Well what do we know. You're obsessed with that case. Yeah you think you think you're going to get something here well. I don't know a whole lot about it but excited that they're you know maybe a new development hopeful because this should have been solved. People arrested a longtime ago. This news with the first thing. I saw this morning. I got excited for potential risk. Because this sad story has gone on way too long i agree. I am kind of shocked about this but this is breaking news for you. Don't have to do it again. Breaking news from lsu lsu will require all tiger stadium gas twelve years of age and older to provide proof of vaccination or negative kovin tests seventy two hours prior to entry. I'm really surprised. Lsu's the first one to do that. I mean they're the they're the first school to say that. And i'm surprised but i think this is one of those things that once they do it the rest of them are gonna do what i don't think any of them wanting to be the first but now she's been the i if i was a kentucky fan thinking about coming to this game. I think you need to assume that that's going to happen. I just do i. I mean. I don't know that i don't all these decisions ultimately are mitch barnhart fiat. He decides so we'll see but well. Actually they may not be may be like pluto's decision on this so ryan. I know he's epidemiologists. So i i would be now that. Lsu's done it. I think if you're planning next saturday week from saturday you might need to plan to have your vaccination card or to have a covert test. We talked about. We kinda saw it coming and we just didn't know if it would actually happened before the first game but obviously it's it started. The ball started rolling down the hill. Today really surprised to tell her. I mean of all like the only one that was probably more of it was alabama. I'm florida yeah even florida's at least got lsu. I just would never have imagined that would be the one. I mean before the big ten schools. I wouldn't have guessed it. But i believe they're like ole miss one of the few that are at one hundred percent. I know their coaches are at one time there at like all but one player i remember seeing seeing a news story and then two weeks ago they had a story that they vaccinated their actual live tiger. They did back seventy dollars zero. You would take it in that state. But they've they've kind of been at. The front of the states are the ones that are being hit the hardest. Yeah but but it definitely opens the door for others. And i'm with you. And i would also say i think you gotta go get vaccinated if you're going to the game and if you're not and you wanna do the covert test. I have a feeling ryan knows cova tasks if that happens in kentucky. It's gonna be hard to find the colour task for three days before. Don't you think yeah already. Backed backed up now sued. I drove by kroger field the other day during that and i could not believe how long the line was. You gotta really want to be there at the game. If you're willing to go through all that just to go to the game yemeni you get a really wanna be. What do you mean like i. No no no no no. I'm talking about for those who are not vaccinated. I'm saying if you're willing to go sit in line to get the test that line younger field. I couldn't believe how long i mean it was alumni there. It was backed up on alumni like they were out of the parking lot onto the road. When i went into the open practice. Last tuesday the facilities right over there by the testing. I couldn't believe what i was looking at. I thought i'd gone back to april of last year. And how busy was that was kind of. I will see in the numbers. It didn't really hit me until i saw that a lot of testing at the football stadium less last week i couldn't believe it either. It was i mean. Is that like other places in lexington. You can get a test wonder having to pack up and move it. That's been the most popular and obviously with students on campus and football mervyn happening to. They need that parking lot parking anyway. So i i would suspect i. We don't know this. But i would suspect as soon as you get As soon as you hear this. Lsu it's coming with others by the way larry does not know. Ymca can't get across that. One list. that surprise i. he's at least heard it. Why am i would've thought that'd be one of the built in ringtones on his flip phone like three hundred pounds. You get right. that's what it is. Ask him that you do know. And then try to pick from his west. It'll be easier to do it. That way might be your at the player's fan fast. That was going to be this. Sunday has been called off doodoo player scheduling issue it. They ended up having a situation where some of the players actually weren't going to be able to be there so they decided to do that. here's what i would say about that. I think we're going to have some cool news coming about that in the future right. So if you're planning on going to that. Just hold your horses. And i think ryan there'll be something cool that we can talk about so that's a good little little tease. You threw out there for that. I like adam scoop. Why didn't they scoop. It was teased. There's a difference between scooping tease ryan. The nfl pre season thought. This was kind of neat in the last week in the nfl. Preseason jamie davis was graded as the best performing rookie on defense in the league and landon. Young was the second best performing offensive player. Great news for both of those guys. I talked to lennon's dead and thirty snaps in their first. Preseason game and great out really will so. Obviously he's doing a great job down. This gonna make that team yeah. I don't know if he's going to start it. Got some veterans ahead of him. But he's gonna make it and be a backup for sure that's awesome. Yeah yeah he says that with confidence turn. Does he know that does he easy sources. May we know ryan if you played a little league football around washington. He's he's got the inside track on scoop remember. He used to play for me first baseman. Who was eight years old. Yeah and then went to football. So i feel like that that made sense well congrats to both those dudes. I mean yeah. I think everybody thought. James davis was going to be really good. But the single landon up there. That was very very cool and very exciting news. Casey how are you. Casey fellers today. I'm good.

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