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The Republican party is the most popular it's been in seven years heading into the November midterms UT Arlington, associate professor political science Allen sec says the numbers confusing again compute because there's another poll which shows that in his mid-term election that the Democrats are leading Republicans by twelve points. Now, he says it's also odd because many of President Trump supporters are not fans of the Republican establishment. Dr success have a theory publicans have been pilloried so much in the past year by supreme court nominations, and whatever there may be a backlash from all of that and sort of sympathy for the Republican party. So it could be a backlash from all of that. Now, Democrats or Republicans battle it out on the issues. There's another group that would be happy just have a seat at the table. Libertarian green party constitution, party independence, or even Republicans and Democrats who are just not happy with the idea that not everybody who is on the ballot is heard when it comes to our debate in Texas. We actually have one of the most difficult processes for a party getting ballot access and this here. In fact, libertarian party has ballot access for the green party in the constitution. Party were not able to meet the requirements Becca Khandan with the group end to party rule. She says it's extremely difficult to get on the ballot having reasonable requirements to get on the ballot. And then having equal treatment. Once you are on the ballot or something that just seems. So common sense is the green party and the libertarian party both end up without access. They meet the state requirements to get there should be included in the debate. Because that means that thousands of Texans had said, yeah, I would like to hear from them. They wanna have another option spec. Kong with. With two party rule still to come on KRLD possible game changer in the treatment for people with severe heart failure that and traffic and weather together on the eighth next forty four..

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