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And i trying to think of other done henley things he could pick up but i don't know enough deng done and lee songs other than dirty laundry that would be fucking us if he had backup dancers who are like carrying burlap sacks thirty laundry and then they just poured them out in unison everyone's just like i guess we're supposed to oppose isn't it weird that done hanley was the big closer for that show especially ninety three ish a little strange here's one before we take a break one last thing i wanted to bring up in our catches catch can section of the show sharpeyed listener sharp your listeners sent this to me this is a news piece in the late seventies about the movie rocky horror that michael stipe dressed as one of the characters in rocky horror is interviewed for this news piece before he's famous at all so i just wanna play a little of the audio you gotta look it up on youtube instead of excellent movie it really is we're all quite normal really if you had to prove that how would you go about doing it the moon a spur of the moment he's wearing course it's and a leather jacket over afternoon trust in our little keishi pig shirts bluejeans bed be normal that'd be i guess for the normal saint louis when they entered the theater a lot of people had to go through their rocky horror picture show phase i did did you i went once to the show and you were like yeah good enough for me.

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