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Most music fans know the Beatles First Live appearance in the U. S was on the Ed Sullivan Show. But not everyone knows. Their first live concert was two days later here in Washington, Thie Beetles had to take the train from New York City to Washington. He couldn't fly because there's so much snow in Washington and eight inches for presidents between pooping around with passengers on board. All four Beatles signed a promotional copy. Of Meet the Beatles. Four George Harrison. Sister Louise Bobbie Livingston of RR auction says it's considered the Holy Grail of sign Beatles albums. The Beatles were inaccessible. You couldn't really get the Beatles and having signed a promo album of Meet The Beatles, You can see it on w t o p dot com. The Lord consistent double GOP News District's popular annual Miracle on Seventh Street. Pop up Christmas far will happen this year, but with some changes because, of course of the Corona virus. That event had been based on the pop up pub in shop for the past five years. But the pub closed in February. Washingtonian magazine says that the event will now happen at the death punch far in Adams, Morgan, and it will open on black Friday. Now how many people will be able to get in? That's up in the air, and it kind of depends on whether the district remains in phase two of re opening. But organizers say that's what's not up in the air is whether naughty and nice shots hot bad Santa mulled wine and cognac Spice Jingle.

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