Bernie Sanders, Oberlin, Harassment discussed on Real Time with Bill Maher


Not the west. It's the students who come the activists to we demonstrate. They set up safe rooms. I spoke at rooms from you from me and i have to have bodyguards at oberlin. I had a detail of police it didn't. They also have a therapy dog. Yes here's the thing from you because you know a young woman will they had these safe room setup and thirty women and a therapy dog led to the safe space. I triggered a dog and and i see i mean you mentioned things that i thought feminism was when it started out one of the things i thought it was about was strength. Exactly you know wonder woman strong. They love wonder woman when the hear me roar right right but what happened is that i'm asking you okay the fragility just women. Let's be honest. It's couch feminism awesome. Were fainting couch. Remember the nineteenth century where women would like apps on an elegant shares in the presence of male vulgarity well. What i i mean. We can't handle that. We want to be in the military. You know we want to be running well. I'm sorry you can handle it male impropriety now. I'm not saying that we shouldn't have strong rules against sexual harassment course. I fought for that but that doesn't mean policing men for little minor. You know we're we'll let can i read the this is bernie. Sanders had to start his campaign for president this time fending off these accusations that someone in his campaign a and committed horrible crimes not horrible crimes but sexual crimes are it was part of it was lumped in with the lead to hurt <hes>. It was not that bad ed. Someone's he said. Can i touch your hair and she said yes and then he did it for longer than she wanted and pay. Maybe touching her all day. It was wrong things happen. The things happen that iran listen to another bernie sanders campaigns said she had to share a room one night with male staffers. This happens on a campaign..

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