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I would give a United advantage in goal. I'd give it a, you know, a nod over. Yes, inc. Who goalies one of them gets drunk every now and again one doesn't although listen DG's had a couple of howlers the season two. So let's just. I'm in both get drunk. Well, so I think basically, you know, we got all this talk about Oleg owners United are they different or the different. Let's remember that like United just they got their asses kicked by Tottenham the first game in that game was at Old Trafford. I don't think that only gunners had that much of an impact. And I know for a damn fact that he is not fixed defense. So I'm going Spurs to win. I'll say it's close to one. I was gonna go with either two or two one Tottenham. So I'm gonna go with two one. And I don't see any way. You guys lose agree agree. Hope. I mean, every time you say that I'm gonna leave that one alone. So to once. Next week got a quietly competitive, high quality match cities hosting Wolverhampton. So cities looked beatable lately. Wolverhampton have been like just the giant killers. You know, they've been like the kryptonite for the big six. They just beat Liverpool. Granted that was like a b minus squad the Liverpool throughout their for FA Cup. But was great against all the big six teams. In fact, they look really good against city. The first time round, I think they pull out a one one draw and in fact last season, if we're just gonna go wolves and city wolves were the team that you know, pull out a draw against city when city was at the peak their powers last season. I think it was the I think it was the make believe Cup. So obviously, you know said he'd probably had like a C-plus squad out there. But the point being the wolves have have sort of had cities number lately. But then there's a big, but they're city. Now have David Silva back. They know Fernandina back. They have these guys that really make them different team. Would you give wolves a chance and this one I actually don't this is after after beating Liverpool. I'm talking about city beating Liverpool. It's it's going to be an on. I predict five weeks of Oslo. Disagree. They're they're going to be missing Aguayo up top should point that out. But we got we got Mr. hatrick himself Gabby. Hey seuss. No four goals for since. Right. It's right. I lost. That bet you dummy. So I'm gonna I'm with you. I've city I think that you know, wolves will make tough they'll always make tough on everybody. I just don't think that they will have enough to beat city when they're when they got there guys. And there I'm going city two zero. City three one. Goal from who nervous? No. Because he no because Edison doesn't get beat by some twenty. I would say it's it's going to be fucking Jimenez. If anybody your boy, you enroll if this is the last time, you're hearing me for a while grow. As not a good nine suck on it. Sweet me. I don't care you're going to get a few tweets on that one. I don't care. So we both got city winning though wolves will make but we city when I think it's going to be a little I think it's going to be comfortable. I guess I actually had written down a close fought. But ultimately, comfortable two zero win. So I guess we're sort on the same page. Their next game is the other game on Sunday. This is yeah. I almost want. I almost wanted to almost form the safe for one but controls, that's that's a slap in the face or Wolverhampton, boys. Well, I just I just thought of Cody trying to defend three flowing city front three true. True. You're sticking with three one. Yeah. Okay. So next game is the appetizer on Sunday ahead of the main course, which is the Spurs United game. So this is ever ten born with and this should be hell of a game, not necessarily the highest quality. But Warmoth is most watch TV at this point like they they're just thinking score. They can get scored on. It's like Liverpool couple years ago as I said before to their credit cherries have been trying to figure out some solutions in the back..

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