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And when I tweeted this out, people like middlekauff you are an idiot, listen guys. I said it with a roll, Thomas defense of players. Typically, teams are. Not comfortable giving guys, a third contract, especially post thirty. That doesn't mean it doesn't happen. That doesn't mean guys historically have gone on half success. Ray Lewis played forever. Julius peppers played forever and a high level von Miller might. And I think he's still, I think he could still play because of his style of play for three or four years, but Elway's going nowhere without a quarterback. He's going to win six games. Let's say for the second straight year last year was even worse. They were drafting the top five, but von Miller is our best player, but they have no quarterback. So they literally have no chance. Now you have a chance if you're playing the gutless, heartless, Arizona Cardinals on a Thursday I game you do, but for their franchise to ever take next step in just in her who I think if he does come out again, there are a lot of variables in this scenario, but my ultimate point is the one thing that Elway is going to happen is back pocket. Instead of instead of having to three first round picks, he could potentially hit the reset button in use Vaughn. Miller as trade bait and basically just have to flip flop picks with team like the forty Niners would not be able to turn that down. Would that be more interesting to a team like the forty Niners who are kind of ready made in their mind with grapple common back thinking about winning, then it would be like if the giants from pick five would give you two first round picks, and I tweeted back everyone that called me crazy the way the reason teams, there's no even guarantee that the Niners would say, yes, because teams value costs controlled assets more than more than not more than for sure, older players. Now, I think von Miller is somewhat of an outlier with your team like the forty Niners that are desperate for a pass rusher. But if the Niners were to get the number one pick again, and I think just watching this game again, you have to remember the cardinals beat the forty Niners a couple of weeks ago in San Francisco by double digits. Now it was a close game in the fourth quarter, but still. Like I think everyone's thinking the cardinals are the worst team in the league, the Niners loss of them and the cardinals are bad. But here's another thing if the cardinals were to get the number one overall pick. And I think when you look around the NFL the four five teams that are really going to be in the mix, the only team that doesn't have a quarterback is the New York Giants, and let's face it. There are a little bit like the Broncos that their town, they're going to end up winning three or four, maybe five games. They just have too much talent there. They're definitely going to win a couple more like I cannot say that about the cardinals or the Niners. Well, both even the cardinals have quarterback. Now I'm Josh Rosen guy. He looked terrible the night, but I'm not selling stock on the Hebrew hammer just yet. Mike McCoy looks terrible. Their whole operation is just messed up and it's really been screwed up from the jump since Bruce Arians retired. The general manager got a d. y. spent for five games. It's one thing when your general manager and you sit with the owner when times are good. Like when you got Bruce Arians. And you're winning a tan, eleven twelve games like those are fun time. Hey, Mr. Bidwell, this is sweet poor another diet coke. It's another thing when you. I mean they showed him once I do be completely candid. I turned the game off in the fourth quarter, just Lakers game that Red Sox too many other sweet games. The Stanford Arizona state game, which actually I started this podcast after that, but there was one scene when it would when it went forty, five ten, did they go to the cardinals box? And you know, it's trouble when the owner has his wireless apple your phone in like, I don't know, man it. It was not a good look..

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