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Nasa Goddard Institute For Space, University Of Southampton, Dr John Brig discussed on The Mark Levin Show


Federal government now for years and years and years being pushed by nasa goddard institute space studies was pushed by a guy by the name of dr james hansen the director of nasa goddard institute for space studies one of al gore's buddies wasn't adviser to alka his early work was used to justify global cooling by the way now he's he was that he became the most influential and bombastic high priest of global warming that the kind of scientists were talking about there are many scientists many who have contrary views to this but how many of them were invited to participate in the production of this report i can give you several them right now dr noor sharif top astrophysicists associate professor at hebrew university says it's not man who effects the climate it's the sun the sun or deadly hughes renown geologist same thing and he says to the extent the climate has changed this was his example he says let us picture of football stadium with about ten thousand people in the stands carbon dioxide represents four people at a ten thousand the smallest volume of any atmospheric gas smallest smallest there are many experts many experts who reject this notion the national center for public policy research 2000 a doctor arthur robinson of the argun institute of science and medicine announce more than thirty one thousand scientists signed a petition rejecting the theory of human caused global warming do they ever talk about that no that's less than ten years ago phil chapman geophysicist astronautical engineer the first australian to become a nasa astronaut an expert in this field he said all four agencies that track the earth's temperature the hadley climate research unit in britain the nasa goddard institute for space studies in new york the christie group at the university alabama and remote system sinking california report that the earth cold by about point seven celsius in two thousand seven this is the fastest temperature change in the instrumental record puts us back where we were in 1930 but the enviros statists don't care so they'll put together bigger bigger thicker thicker reports that's what they'll do dr john brig now retired professor of industrial instrumentation at the university of southampton in britain he composed a list of.

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Nasa Goddard Institute For Space, University Of Southampton, Dr John Brig discussed on The Mark Levin Show

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