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This morning, the latest from Harris County Flood Control District, So they're saying that they're monitoring certain channels for flooding right now. That's like the Santa Santa River at Rio via and the Buffalo Bayou area at turning basin. Um, so you know, for the most part, they're telling people that You know, keep an eye out for down power lines. And if you see them, keep your distance from the damage and be sure to report it to the county. All right. That's our reporter. Sarah will Ernst in the field there. Galveston County. Parts of the Coast received 14 inches of rain this morning as The storm did arrive on the coast as a category one hurricane, not a tropical storm, and it did weaken over time. Parts of the Galveston beaches saw storm surges approaching 4.5 ft as well. Now flash flood warning does remain in effect for most of greater Houston until at least nine o'clock this morning. Winds are still gusting out there and close to 500,000 people. Are without power in greater Houston. According to CenterPoint coming up in about five minutes here, maybe less than that. We'll get an update from Chambers County on the power situation there. There are reports of downed power lines. Of course, we just heard about the flooded roads out there. As officials continue to urge caution, Fort Bend County Road and bridge workers have been clearing debris from the roadways. Throughout the night. Repairs are underway where it's needed. As the wind continues to subside. We'll keep you updated on the weather all morning here on news 88 7, but keep it locked here for an update on Chambers County coming up in just three minutes, I met hair of news 88 7. Support for NPR comes from NPR stations. Other contributors include Cyber reason, a cyber security company dedicated to helping enterprises stop.

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