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So again, when I say, this was a tough book to do it's tough book to do because as a parent you have to sort of reframe, your responses to your children when they come to you in a hurry because if you follow your initial parental gut level, you'll say do the wrong thing. That's a great point. Let's get specific, you know, one of the things that I've seen with regard to girls in particular in social media, and we are having studies now showing that girls who use social media heavily are at much higher risk for depression. But let's say you're thirteen year old comes to you and says dad, I'm really upset because a lot of my quote, unquote, friends on social media are saying bad things about may end at risk. Really hurts. What should I do? What would you tell that thirteen year old daughter? I can be specific my thirteen year old daughter recently told me that she had X number likes on our Facebook. And she said isn't that good grandma? And I said, no, it's not good. Let me tell you. Why it's not good. Do you really want to be like everybody else in life at line? No done. You know, everybody's not always gonna like you. The idea isn't to get a bunch of likes. The idea is to figure out who you are thirteen what kind of person you want to be. There are people out there in lights in in your example, who will say mean nasty things to you. You have to understand in cyberspace. Once you hit that button. It's out there that little innocent thirteen year old girl parent is very capable of taking pictures of her private parts and sending it to this fifteen year old who has shown in an ordinate amount of attention to your thirteen year old daughter or granddaughter, why could something like that happen. You brought up this kid to do the right thing. You've taken them to church or synagogue, and you train them up with moral alka that happen. It happens because the power of the peer group in the need for kid to fit in. There's all kinds of studies where even weren't kids see in black and white. That at one figure is longer than the other. When the other people who were in cahoots with the experimental put their hand up near say, the second line is the longest line, even though it's not in three quarters of the cases that kit will put his hands skyward and say, yes, just to belong to that group. So you cannot downplay parent how important that new Goliath is in the new Goliath in the year twenty eighteen twenty nineteen is guess what the cell phone, and you're not going to beat the cell in. You're not going to be social media. So you have to be on top of what's going on your kids in the social media. But you have to talk me your heart and after talk to your kids about sex mix. I hope you're enjoying my conversation with Dr Kevin Leman, we need to take a quick break. But don't go anywhere will be right back.

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