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Welcome back. Folks like to have him with us on the weekend edition of Bill A larger on 93 WNBC. Our guest today on the program is a good friend, Dr Wilson. She is a sense of pressure, Political science. At the university in Annapolis. Dr Laura Now let's like some wee Wee Wee Wee laid the groundwork for it for the final certification of the state results. And then along came a couple of days ago with Azaz. One friend of mine put it earlier. It was like watching the movie it was like watching World War Z. With with zombie sort of overtaking the Capitol building and sort of right up the stairs. Got capital guards. He got to get the president, Uh, you know, insinuating or inciting to riot. Um, I'm still trying to figure all that out to be brutally honest with, you know, I feel the same way and I imagine Americans across the country as they were watching this, and as the days that have unfolded sense are all trying to process that's exactly how I feel personally to try and understand. What was happening to trying to shame them The motivations and I think there's ah lot of questions, but it raised that we still don't have answers to and probably won't for quite some time, but not the least of which is how security could be breached. Are you our nation's capital? What should be the most Ingrid? Think political place when some of the highest political officers and leaders of our country how that security was breached, for example, right, It's an important questions I think were raised that will take weeks and probably months to investigate before we truly know the answers. Would you talk about that how the House security was breached? Because I know for a fact that whenever things like this happen, there was always In that shatter. There's always somebody talking. They're saying something that the police and security where this the FBI or Capitol police, or D, c please should be paying attention to and monitoring so that when the folks to show up I'm not saying you gotta have like, no, that the jack booted no guys out there every day, every 10 ft or whatever, but you would think that somebody would have said something or had Something set up like, okay. If this gets out of control, we're ready to go. Well, absolutely Anything has to go back to arguments about the Patriot Act. For example, there was always a concern about how much individual liberties we were giving up in the name of national security into your point. That's exactly this is the moment where we say Yeah, The government may be listening to your phone calls, but we're making sure we're preventing you kind of acts of failed insurgency. And for whatever reason, and then again, I imagine I'll take months for the tip fully be investigated and answered, But whatever reason those those weren't thwarted, they weren't alerted some miscommunication or something happens. Something serious enough to allow this to occur, and I know there will be investigations. And I do think we should all be paying very close attention because it's important, understand, And I just know why. But the how how This could happen in our country In our capital. We've seen political violent political strife. Political protest is as American as it comes, but you have the Capitol building besieged like this. Of course. Historically, it's been noted, hasn't happened since 80 morning, 12. Yes, exactly and should have never happened since So the question of why something that obviously means we thoroughly and sufficiently investigated Laura Wilson with the C University. Annapolis of professor was pleasant sense, Professor Political science with us on the program today, Doctor. I don't know as you sort of, you know, kind of watched watching coverage the way I did, but the one picture that just stuck with me the whole time. Was the one guy who can take it from like Louisiana. Sure, where was from, But he was a Nancy Pelosi's office with his feet up on the desk, and then he ended up taking her mail. And posted a picture upon socialize like dude, you are. You have no idea what you've just done here. An incredible amount of truly people being emboldened and impassioned. I actually thought you might have mentioned the guy in the forget up because that was a really interesting the Viking guy statement. Yeah. I need to think it gives you some insight into the level of absolute maniacal behavior to have that kind of attitude. And as you said she'd take mail from the office of a speaker of the house. You don't have to like him or set form vote for him. But in terms of the number of criminal offenses that occurred and anything particular with the emboldened bird behavior, this is an Internet world, right. Everybody can Sleuth out everyone else, and it's quite easy to do this kind detective work. It's not my forte. But I know there are people that spend all day on the Internet who identifying who these folks are obviously in terms of security and police other they're probably working on that right now. They probably started the moment that picture was posted. It does give you a little bit of an insight in terms of attitude and the mindset. The people that were ultimately besieging the capital. How much responsibility do you think or accountability is should there be for the president for Donald Trump? Because he gives you be? Didn't be he because they he incited the riot. So he was responsible for it, even though he wasn't there. Um, how much blame to the president? Get for all this? Well, do you think he has some level of accountability? He talked to his protest. The protesters, you know, he has encouraged them and at the same time, of course, he physically was not present. He was not the person pushing through. He was not. The person with arms is so I, you know, accountability. It's not that it's just the black and white. Oh, you're responsible or you're not. He absolutely does shoulder some of this burden. And I hope we'll show himself to be responsible accountable for those actions. And at the same time I wanna be very clear is the people who besieged the capital is the people who behaved is domestic terrorists for lack of a better term. That's exactly what they did. Those of the people who are responsible for their individual actions and accountability is is subjective, and there's certainly lines to it. But in this case, I think there are a lot of people who are responsible. For an event like this to be able to transpire in our country. That's Lori Wilson University. Annapolis school. Political science with us for a few more minutes on the program today, Dr Laura I thought it was interesting that after the police came in, the National Guard came in and kind of cleared everybody out the congressman back into intercession. They said they were gonna let the bad guys stop them. And then that's what I thought. I got interested because where they had a 14 or dozen or so U s senators ready to back up these electoral challenges? That number dropped to like six or eight did And I liked Bron, A senator from Indiana..

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