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The showers with Lauren reckon you like showers earlier today but I do believe that increasing coverage heading into the afternoon and evening so expect a gray day could be what later on throughout the day today temperatures only around seventy with a little bit of a Reese we'll keep a chance of showers overnight and scattered showers and thunderstorms through the day tomorrow more humid tomorrow in warmer temperatures around eighty low eighties and muggy on Friday with scattered showers and thunderstorms could have some heavy rain makers Thursday and Friday from storm team four meteorologist Lauryn Ricketts we have some showers mostly south of the district along the ninety five corridor and a southwest of there in central Virginia a lot of heavy your showers and rain right now we've got seventy two degrees it's three eleven historians are looking into the past of DC's police department it is a checkered journey that alternates between including and excluding blacks and it dates back more than a hundred fifty years one figure who stands out in Washington's history is sales Bowman who was elected mayor in eighteen sixty eight he appointed the police department's first two black officers and in the following years historian George Derek Musgrove says you get a pretty solid number of African Americans on the police force and some of them actually attempt to protect black rights during this period but that didn't last very long in eighteen seventy four Congress stripped away the right to vote from all DC residents and the police department purged itself of its black officers by eighteen seventy nine just one black officer was left on the force neckline Elie WTOP news another protest could kick off in a couple of weeks but this one isn't expected on the streets it's expected online against Facebook several high profile civil rights and advocacy groups are asking big advertisers to stop their July Facebook campaigns the goal forcing.

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