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I mean, the primarily all the companies like I think the squad is is so good now that just a domestic cook is in quite you know, I think to trophies is really good season. And then if they were to you know, if it were to go to big trophies, the Premier League champions. League which I think is the ultimate and to get them both in the same season. You know, they ain't going to get much better. Not that the fixes sexually. So that to win more than two trophies thing is I think he's very very, well, obviously, she's got huge squad. So yeah, maybe they could do, but nothing really needs to be keeping up the progress of the clip going to keep winning mentality that they have to win the Champions League this year. I think anything else would be disappointment. Is there any concern for you Jonathan and not and not team where you think maybe that's a weak link. As we go down the stretch leftback is a is a problem. They they go away with it last season. Probably in Delft was with super that Ching-Kuo did well in but Mendis been down with injury again on the Sunday's haven't been quite as good this year. If I can get men be back fit and firing left. Call amongst the season than than. It'll be very very strong. That's one issue near the one is for them. Dino. He, you know, he's absolutely out of superb season obsolete studying season, in my opinion. Should be there for the the world the moment. I think he's nearly an early wonderful. Right. But he was an injury. I think that could be a big problem. I I'm sure that anyone who couldn't fit into that role. Particularly in the later stages champions, like he's gonna be cake. Games. The really toss Jonathan Smith. You can read them and ESPN NFC, and you can hear them, of course, as a regular contributor to the balloon podcast. Thanks so much for the time in associates are thanks to Jonathan Smith. Good stuff from him. I'm glad he brings up the Fernandina thing because we've talked about that over the course of the season that like I still think that they're great if he were to suddenly disappeared. They're great stats say that right? But they're, but they're you know, they're on a tunnel race here with a team that is in Liverpool. That's clearly up for it. And it kind of feels like, you know, I I would still pick city right now if we're going to sit here and actually say what are title picks would be. They would still be mine. But it does feel like things will have to go, right? Like if either team suddenly gets bit by the injury bug that that could be enough, but they may have got their blip out in December at the right time. Whereas last season they were roaring along. And then they met Liverpool in the league and got hammered and that bled into the Champions League. Then. So maybe maybe they've done it. Right. The slow burn get their mistakes glitches own and now. They've got like they're hitting their stride at feigns like, yes, she's depressing. Yeah. Certainly are tell you what we do have more from the Premier League that we wanted to touch on. Also, a quick what to watch for as the champions..

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