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Ten thousand dollar loan from Strathern production company, which is an energy company in Roswell New Mexico. That's a long ways from Lubbock. There was a seventeen hundred dollar in-kind contribution from Lubbock. Charles. Quote, unquote, CJ Hargrove presumably to cover the campaigns seventeen hundred dollar yard, son, political expenditure, and then there was an in-kind contribution from Mesa media in Austin for radio and television production while no amount was specified on their campaign. Finance report four Mesa media. A Lubbock county election official says that the contribution amounts to six thousand nine hundred dollars. Now Lubbock tax payers. Four accountability political expenditures were mostly for advertising, and we have the whole campaign finance report there on the website. Now, here's the interesting part. And I said something about this yesterday. But other documents show that the packs treasurer changed on October nineteen that treasurer was Hargrove. And a new treasure was appointed by Hargrove six days later, Tony Renteria who's a big dog on social media, but doesn't like to take questions because who cares about accountability. Right. Tony Renteria you like your name being mentioned on the radio. Bet you do because it's one of the only time you'll hear it Hargrove is the nephew of former Lubbock state Representative Karl is it and Hargrove I'm told step down because he was concerned about quote, unquote. The campaign's tactics Renteria thing just said his name again, who is a very look you got to measure your words because you don't want to sound like a tyrant, but who is a very involved in by very involved. I mean, overly involved. With the Lubbock county. Republican party is also said to be a longtime. Volunteer of is it who held the state office from nineteen ninety seven to two thousand ten on Sunday night. I spoke with Carl is it and asked him if he had any involvement with the pack. He said, no. And Furthermore, they he had no knowledge of who was running the pack. His nephew informer big campaign guy. Is nephew as well. As another guy who helped him in his campaigns Corliss it saying, hey, I don't know anything about who's running that campaign that the that pack. I I don't I don't know who that is which. I think to a lot of people would be breaking news your nephews in them when you're when you're tough lieutenants. And you don't know about it. Okay. So I'll just take you cheer word there. Renteria and Hargrove did not respond to requests for comment on for this story by the time, we publish it today. Renteria I called him on Sunday evening publish this today called Hargrove yesterday. Didn't hear back from either one. Now, like, I said I've raised a question about the rental cars, and what seems to be a prohibition in this will play out in courts. So those folks have answered some hard questions because at this point, it seems to me you've got to. Two candidates up in both our packs. The. The expo people have answered the question, and they've linked some stuff. So that you can go see how they've answered the question within the piece, but the other group Lubbock tax payers, four accountability have not answered the questions, and it seems to me to be that the aforementioned person who has name I will not glorify dignify again on the radio has resisted answering even though he is heading up a pack. That says we're we to be accountable. We want to kill ability. Where's the accountability? And they are not there. And this is my my thought, and you can go to the peace other side of Texas dot com. We've got the full campaign finance report that can be viewed this fella's pack at this point. Because the other guy walked away said he didn't like the tack. Ticks, and by the way, some of you guys at Lubbock county Republican party, you need to understand that the reason that you see dwindling numbers are because guy dufuses like what you've got running this thing in shouldn't tie you to it. But do like this guy run rampant within your your party in your local county counterparty, but. If you're going to say, you want to be accountable men or your four accountability than you need to answer questions. And one of the first questions is this. How does ninety percent of contributions to your pack derive from outside far outside Lubbock county. That's my question to you. Hope you chime in hope you'll also stay with us. We just run ninety second commercial breaks here on the program keeps you involve might bazaar in studio carried a little bit over there..

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