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Dodgers mad and you know blaming God for it and why you'd go through. Porsche proportion road, and having a son born on my birthday an. AM diagnosed and to the hall of fame and him passing away and ensuring a lot and you know my kids but I get it. Now, a guy I really do I understand that the good Lord has put me in this situation where it can be an inspiration to others can travel country and make sure nobody gives up because I think I've learned throughout my years that. There's too many people in this world that give up on your dreams give up on when you're not feeling good and people out there to help them through it, and it's all about surround yourself with good quality people and I've been very blessed to have a beautiful wife and two daughters are have been for me day in and day out and five brothers, I. Have never ever gave up on their brother and I know there's people out there. Don't have what I've been. One of those guys have been very blessed to have people around me some good friends and I live in Buffalo New York and I'll tell you what these people are on believable day have been there for me on the field and often feel some very. Blessed all time quarterback. It's well said last thing with the pro football hall of Famer. The legendary Jim Kelly Jim had mentioned he and his wife had their son hunter born on Valentine's Day which happened to be Jimmy's birthday as Jim mentioned, and then because of unfortunate nervous system disease that hunter had he did pass away on August fifth two, thousand, five after. Eight really courageous years that in expired and impassioned so many people and on that note Jim Foundation hunters hope named after his boy we'll be holding its twenty twenty tailgate with Jim Kelly and friends on Thursday November. Twelfth at six thirty eastern attendees can look forward to an exciting night football friends, and of course, on all the proceeds will benefit children that are battling. One. Ask you to tell us a little bit more about this event again Thursday November twelfth six, thirty eastern. What specifically can you tell us here Jim? Well I as you everybody knows but there's pandemic show many people that had to you know golf tournaments and Shelly Bank, which it they raise money for local charities and foundations. All show we had to come up with something. So we're doing a virtual tailgate November twelfth as you said you and I get guys like surely gathering you know happy to Happy Gilmore Chris McDonald be on. Like a check owned the legendary country singer singer, the Burma Nader's coming on on firm has been. He's been there for me for probably fifteen twenty years with my foundation, but he's been all eric would I have to have an offense or center on your Ten unfortunately has passed away he moved on here's my best friend. He was law center, but air would come on the guy just. Retired. From Buffalo bills a few years ago and a bunch of others virtual tailgate and we're GonNa be giving away some unbelievable price or during the course of just tailgate and property about every ten minutes we'll be giving some awesome things way. So just logon no word hundred shope I'm and you'll see all the information November twelfth Thursday before the Thursday night game and I just look forward to because we have to find ways to be to help kick out there that are struggling whether it's with my son disease or other looked at your. Bottom line just helping kids you know be able to set. Your. To achieve them, it is Jim Kelly's life's work. You can find more again as I'm on the website right now in my phone hunters hope dot org is boomer would say no. Like the buffalo bills and nobody did more for the buffalo bills all number twelve. You've got a guy and I do appreciate Y'all have me on I'm Jay will. You guys do a great job. So Yuzu enjoy listening to you guys it, hit the facts. You guys know what you're talking about, and that's what you want to see what you WanNa. Hear on on TV nowadays, you gotta be able to be able to back up what you say and you guys do a great job. So congratulations on that man thank you. That's the hall of Famer Jim Kelly joining us this morning on the Shell Pennzoil performance line just a reminder it's not all about football and it's all about sports. It's a little bit about life sometimes you need to take a step back sobering reality. Jim Kelly. Providing just that fight against him though you played some work here in one thousand six, his last year that was your first year we'll see how was he was It was Jim Kelly know this but we have these moments sometimes. Compete, but you find yourself watching it. For sure I watched our students online and watch think. We were one and fifteen year. You. A lot of watching on a satellite here. But that was still cold. Up there and Orchard Park Oh my goodness and I was coming from California and that was the first time that. The code was the first time. I ever experienced that Clinton. That type of coal plant at Notre Dame smart cold you know or or plan in the bay area's not. But that buffalo that was different and I thought I was smart I wouldn't go win or gloves. Oh, neato closes. Short sleeves. So long as on got how long sleeves on but no gloves. Very. SMART. Bill I'm not built for that body can take that outside. You don't even understand buffalo fans boy. My third year appealing we brought. Brian. Cox's frozen batteries at. US. Battering lots. Right on the helmet. Peacocks Man Brian Cock. Evan knows our producer Brian Cox is something else great? Defensive Player went into coaching as well? So Josh Allen obviously is hopefully, Jim Kelly says will be the next great bills quarterback he was drafted after Baker Mayfield and Sam darnold remember Baker went one and Sam went. Three in two, thousand, eighteen. So we're asking keyshawn Jalen Zubin Nation on two hundred Mitch which player is more likely to still be there team starting quarterback next year. This is very fatalistic wordy putting one of them in the grave Sam, darnold or Baker Mayfield Eighty, two percent of you said. Yes in a landslide including at Marshall One, own nine you just hit us up on the Dr Pepper twitter feed. Thank you my man and said quote I. Say Baker just because the jets will have a whole new regime and be drafting really high I might agree with the latter part. I'm not sure about the former parts. Yeah. But. Again, I'll go back to that jet stuff. They. Got A quarterback man get some players around you. You don't have to have a pass happy quarterback. This guy is what you need. Just put some players around him and get a damn coach. That'll do it. That's the final word from key. He needs some talent right now he's bereft of it still to come Monday night football the first full game without Dak Prescott what is our Monday night analysts Louis Riddick think about Andy Dalton's chances. That's next on keyshawn Jalen Zubin on ESPN radio and tell your smart speakers to play. ESPN radio anywhere.

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