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Yes. So me and my wife off already married saying I worry about that, but if we were engaged in hey, you know, we saw a picture in the Netherlands. Hey, babe, you want to go get married there and we booked a plane ticket and we flew over there and all that kind of stuff and birth. We're here to get married. That would not happen. Nope. That will not have not in such a place. You can get married at City Hall. For instance. Okay, such a place you could just bear in a bombs and book. It's yes. Yeah cuz you can't get married and Netherlands unless either you or the other other person is from there is Dutch wage. Yes, that is also the case so but okay, I would assume honeymoons gotta be a thing then cuz I mean it is a beautiful country over there. So if me and my wife cuz we want to do our honeymoon in Scotland and if we can it would be yes. Thank god. Oh whenever this things over with I'm fine somewhere. Hopefully we're going to get to do it but it would be cool, you know take a little trip from country to Country to Country and all that kind of stuff if I can hop into the Netherlands and home visits some of the museum that you guys have. I want to see the cube houses. I know that for sure. I would love to do that. Just just explore, you know, so often what are some of the Foods, like some of the famous Foods at the Netherlands have cuz I had a few pulled up and some of them looked really good one of them biscuits and my boss. I remember that one just biscuits and mice ring a bell. I'll try and find it here real quick. It was something to do with our from the wintertime. Okay, let's see. If I remember I had something to do with Iraq after okay or just after the birth of a child Dutch family celebrate with a sweet and colorful treat. No, I know what you mean cuz that is needed Transportation. Whenever a child is born you give them we call a discount with my okay and indeed it's you can translate it to biscuit and mouses. Yes. I I didn't make the connection but I got four girls and the the mouse they are and he's for basically and they come in either pink or blue. Yeah. So the big ones naturally will be indicating the girl and blue ones and actually indicating a boy and it's tradition to share that with your co-workers for instance. Okay, friends and family that comes home. Mother of the newborn child to give them that as a way of celebrating the new life that came into the world. Okay, that's cool. Cuz I mean, know yeah we have you know, we have cakes and cupcakes like the cream filling blue or pink cream filling. I would say a traditional on this side of the country, but one of the most weirder ones that I found food wise is raw Herring ice cream. Don't know how yes, that indeed is very very weird much people. I am not one of them. Okay, I always feel like an imposter. Person but most watch people the thing that they would love to eat is a herring with onion and then they pulled their head back and then they just yes. Yes, I saw right..

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