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I'm Brian Bettas and this is no and insight a podcast about life with chronic illness. First off here's another quick reminder that I have a Patriot campaign now our which is a really simple way for listeners to support the show financially on a monthly basis. So if you've been enjoying the show and you also have a couple of bucks despair then then I'd be so so grateful if you'd sign up as a patron at patriotic dot com slash. No end in sight this week. I'm talking to Taryn Gilligan. About a whole lot of things but particularly about traumatic brain injuries lime disease allergies. PTSD and finding a lump in your breast. I also have a couple of content notes before we get to the interview so I this interview basically begins with a head injury and this story definitely sat me into precinct copy which you will find out pretty quickly if you listen to everything but if you are extremely squeamish like I am and I think we we know who we are. Then I'd recommend jumping forward almost a full nine minutes after you hear Taryn say women. Soccer is brutal like really. No exaggeration. admirations nine minutes. And I'm going to give you a super simple takeaway for squeamish folks Sorry for the spoiler gas but terron got a major concussion while playing playing soccer and had difficulty forming new memories and then she had a second soccer related head injury right at the end of the nine minutes that I'm telling you to skip so that's the big picture and if you're mildly squeamish than I just get ready to hit the skip button a few times beginning at the same point so beginning when she says women's soccer or is brutal. I listen to stuff that way sometimes. Just ready to skip any moment that I think is GonNa Freak me out but still wanting to hear it the the big details. So that's another option. Anyway Darren also talks about her experience with an eating disorder and the story is a little bit harder to just extricate the way that I did with the head injury but if it's something that you'd like like to skip then you should be able to do that by jumping ahead a bit as well as soon as she mentions it while she's in college so it comes up after she gets to college and I and it's it's pretty self contained so this part of the story does not have as much detail as a head injury. If details are something that are what you prefer to avoid it and if you have any feedback for me about content notes I would be so happy to hear them because everybody is sensitive to different things and I realized that therefore we start. Here's my disclaimer. This podcast is not intended as a substitute for professional medical advice. Diagnosis or treatment. Make sure you talk to your doctor doctor about any questions or symptoms So I like to start by asking people. How is your health as a kid? Ed I in retrospect having gone through all that I've gone through. I am very grateful to say that I feel like for the most part I had quite quite and I'd be like piled hood especially with my health I was pretty just like healthy. Hardy Kid I played a lot of sport and I. I was out and about constantly. Just very active I. My whole family has a bunch of environmental and like seasonal allergies. So that definitely something that I dealt with but typically only like one or two weeks may or something like that The other exactly the other thing that I kind of dealt with that. It was just kind of a quirky thing that happened is I would get strapped like up upwards the seven times a year like just any any type of cold that that took too long just turned into strap or like anything just like turn into strap while take a lot of antibiotics for that. Yeah Yeah I whatever. The bubble gum medicine was like amoxicillin or something like that. Okay constantly talk yeah and then I also also. My parents used to joke that anytime. Go over like a major hill or anything like that in the car. I might use a popular get an ear infection so those were the two things that just they were quirky about me. But it didn't. I didn't feel like it was like when I think back my childhood. They weren't things that like totally took a ton of my time or like. I don't know I didn't don't really think about them too much. Yeah I mean ultimately ended up when I was fourteen or fifteen. Got My tonsils removed but that was more so because it got in the way of Like some hobbies that I had and I was like you know I'm so tired of this. Let's just take him out so all the time time like I'm kind of just over it. So we ended up getting him out and made a huge difference which is great but other than that. No I mean childhood why why is especially like before I became a preteen now I feel like overall like it was a pretty great experience. Thank goodness had those memories like like back on now and so it sounds like things started to change. So what was that like. Yeah so middle school Again I was pretty normal. The only thing is shot. Like my menstrual cycle. Okay I got my period very in early at least for my I feel like all my friend group and stuff like that. I was ten. I just turned ten and That was fine but until I hit around maybe like thirteen thought it started getting very heavy and I was having cramps that were so painful about like I would get get sick or I just like couldn't get out of bed and I also would gain and lose like fifteen pounds like every two weeks. Okay and different pairs of pants. Yeah exactly Yup Yup kind of like working with my after ovulation in rural as the I would just like all the way up and and I had two pairs of pants over that being in middle school like a tough thing because as much as I feel like other people probably didn't notice I certainly noticed noticed and I also like with getting period early. I was already basically what I what I look like now like when I was thirteen years old though Meteo is just so yeah I was also a giant. I feel like in comparison. 'cause I grew so quickly but Yeah I think that was tricky for me but I went the Obgyn going on with my mom because like it was getting in. I had too many absences because of it and like you know you're pretty young but it kind of sounds like pm amd though at the time they're like we're going to put you on your house. which I think is around anymore? I think there's a lot of issues with ASD. I just remember. They were in every magazine for a while. They had a really aggressive advertising campaign for a short. I think it was the reason I did. That is because it's one of at the time was that's one of the only birth controls dot had diuretic properties in it so it kind of helped level out all the water retention than I regain every two weeks which which was really nice and so I ended up being on that and then it turned into Biaz because again I think that there was some like legal issues with like blood clots or something like that? They had to change it but I was not for about eight years and during that time I feel like I was pretty pretty solid with my symptoms. Held up at pain pain and weight regulation where the big things right for sure and like I was at my cycle like every first of the month it was super easy Luckily I mean one good thing about my cycle regardless like a beyond birth control it was always consistent insistent and this was a lot. Yeah so other than that. It was pretty much so that wasn't an issue for me for a while But then kind of going chronologically Then I got into high school and an important thing to know is I like I said it was very active in into sports all my life. I I played soccer like ever since I could walk. I played premier. I play like a local town levels and for school and everything everything like that and I played your round traveling around and it was just like a huge part of my identity by love to do and so I was is on my high school soccer team and I was goalie And I was yeah I think I. It's funny because I you had written about this fire and I think it was like September twenty first thousand seven It was an early game in in the season and we were away and so what's tricky about this is i. Don't remember like about two years of my life so all all of their say. It's the ads like I'm like an unreliable narrator technically like in my own story but these are all they feel like my memory which is such a weird thing to say other so vivid. But I think that's because I've adopted on my own I think bits and pieces. I do actually have the memories but most of it I think is a Moshe. I remember the emotion of a moment and then create kind of more of the visuals and the experience like in my mind if that makes any sense really does because yeah. Yeah memory's unreliable anyway with. It wasn't the same but like yeah that but more exactly so where I go from here. In terms of from the smelt man in September. Two thousand seven up until Powell be like the end of my sophomore year of high school. These aren't technically really my memory. kind of sharing like what. I don't know the story of my life. I guess what happened to the best of your knowledge. Yeah exactly so so with that being said I. We're in an away game. I was in goal Apparently a girl kicks the ball to another girl. Okay she kicked it. It didn't go as far into the boxes that she expected it to And so I go down to pick it up. I kind of like with both hands on the ball like pushing it towards my chest. I'm kind of crunch hunch. Down on the ground a little bit this girl these that it's in my hands and female soccer. I feel like we always assume that like men's sports are more aggressive but like women's soccer is brutal like brutal and so Jerry Jerry sees it in my hands. She knows that I have already. And she goes and she slide tackles me but her cle- catches my left left temple. Yeah so that's why I'm like. This could be a little bit. Yeah and this is one hundred percent where I get a little bit squeamish to say at all. And if you'd in writing my own absurd squeamishness Mercer like no worries the she apparently hits my my left hand bowl..

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