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Know how you work on these like keeping China and Russia at bay and also tried to like instill still a like a remember the titans type culture that within the Space Force do the Chinese have a setup like this is their like People's Liberation Space Force there is it's not it's not like the p. l. a. s. f. but they can have like a space this unit <hes> the Russians do <hes> France just recently said they're going to have one <hes> so it's not like France has it. Did you see that thing you know President Macron just he released this weird thing of like a French soldier with I'm kind of green Goblin. The BOBA FETT guy out. I'm so excited by it. Has It's really cool. That ends should be yeah. That's what I had in my head. Originally the my first Dako when I wrote about base for troops in mm-hmm spies and then when I learned about it was like Oh that was really misleading wrong then even things like you were talking about like military strategy for space and in my head like the battle of door or something like that I think the concept we're going to have to rethink what military strategy even entails because what are you harkening back to you know military strategy. Today is like you know if you go to west point or something like that. Somebody's talking about like Ramleh North Africa or like Lake Cauldron war in eastern Europe or something. That's what are you harkening back to at Space Force Academy Yeah Scrape Point. I guess you're just watching Star Trek. No I mean I mean again. We've there are there's. Here's Pentagon doctrine on this stuff. I think I mentioned earlier. They keep saying it's contested congestive and competitive <hes> and the reason is just we have said it just like contested that now it's you know it used to be kind of as we talked earlier Kinda like a civilian safe zone now. There's a militarization version of it congested. There's just tons of stuff they're making it really hard and calm and competitive now everyone sort of fighting for dominance in the area <hes> and so like that is sort of guiding light so to speak right now of the Pentagon like that's how they sort of see the area <hes> and that's how they hope to like that so now what you do about it and there are space strategies like we does exist right <hes> and of course the Air Force has it as well so it's just about again. I'm trying to make sense sexy. Then is this is really not. It's just about reallocating things that we do you to a new service. Nothing allocating resource intense bureaucratic fight. Hey I'm your editor in chief of the verge host of the.

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