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And it's not into not into being nice in Tom just rubs him the wrong way, for whatever reason the Thomas having a conversation with Ricky about how people change when the cameras come on. And I think Ricky was in specifically referring to tame mar when he talked about this because he kind of had a conversation with her about it. And I think that she kind of like. When the cameras went on. She kind of was like whoa, now, I'm crazy and so- Ricky's kind of having a conversation about this. And Tom is like, yeah. Of course, people change. I changed you chain tricky and Ricky I didn't chain like they get into a little bit of a disagreement here and Ricky kind of feels offended. He kind of rubbed the wrong way by Tom and in the conversation, Ricky calls, Tom appreciate. Maybe deep down here. Just a prick. He's trying to like get to the bottom of Tom's feelings. And it's just not working and this tension between the two of them is never going to dissipate rookies gonna push it even further later on where he tries to get Tom to do some standup right in front of them. And then cost Tom a coward for not being able to do it or not wanting to talk about politics, and he also refuses to name an alliance with Tom and Kato. I think at the time he didn't realize how closely he would be working with them in the future. He had a kind of alliance with the three women, and he didn't want to get caught making an alliance a separate aligns with Tom in Kato, which was what was proposed to him. So. That's that's bad too. He does some damage share with his relationship with Tom. However after he sort of realizes, oh, we're going to be working with these people Lolo tells him, you know, hey, we're, you know, we're trying to work with Lola with Tom and Cato moving forward. They're kind of mad at you. Right now, we need we need Jonathan out. Tom's kind of freaking out now that he's got a weird thing with you. And he kind of wants to save Jonathan we need to put a stop to all this. So Ricky goes oh didn't realize he goes to apologize. He tries to do some damage control. However, the damage is done, and that's really that's really the catchphrase for for Ricky's games. Like the damage has been done. Tom green is never gonna forget he might forgive. But he doesn't forget. So that's that's interesting question from Tammy catos. Biggest mistake of the game was not listening to Tom about rolling. John. And Ryan at this point. Yeah. Definitely. At least one of the big mistakes. I mean, oh boy. Kelly Taryn if you had to decide between another season of CB US or be OTT. What would you choose celebrity? I would definitely still choose celebrity. I liked I liked the the novelty of having all the feeds stuff for OT. But it wasn't a game. Even this even this is at least a game, right? So Jonathan is going to leave that week. And and I'm going to call these weeks, even though they're really evictions cycles, but vixen cycle is kind of a lame term to use them. Just gonna call them weeks week to Kato wins the wage Ricky wants to back door. Ryan Ryan, Ricky really wants to continue to get rid of these guys. He he's all about working with the women, and he has a good position there. I think he would obviously like to take some kind of shot at Tom realizing the Tom is is a danger to his game. But Kato is the wage. So Ryan is the target and they want to back door. Tom unsurprisingly is like, hey, Pat, Ricky guy, he was kind of mean to me. Hey, Kato, can we we back door him? Maybe can we target him? Kato says no the women say, no the women are all about protecting. Ricky Kato is all about protecting Ricky Kato really feels good about Ricky Ricky has done a pretty good job with Kato in terms of making him feel very comfortable with him Ricky when he's not in a bad mood is very very common presence..

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