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And he has set on his hands. He sat on his hands his offseason. They signed Jeff T and they signed Tristan Thompson on the you know, T equals decent last night. I don't, you know, take the problem to me if I might as well if I was otherwise was fine as a and Thomas like and if he has faced and find you tried watching the change would enjoy that see his face until they watch Isaiah Thomas triple over his face and watch Jeff King play a single minute of a game. Just to react a terrible, you know speak with starting last night because he's afraid of the Defence the frame to get blocked. So we quick arms in an air Ball Z because he's so afraid of getting blocked at the rim, and I said, I like I think Jeff had him. I mean it was good in Atlanta and the first-ever last if you look at his numbers in Minnesota for you, I traded back to Atlanta. He was good with 14 points a game and he was a solid player so I can understand look at those numbers saying okay, he can bring that to us. So if I'm the Celtics but it hasn't worked. But are you going to just hold on to him? Like what are you going to do here? Like Danny? I thought said on his hands and we can all talk about the Gordon Hayward, Indiana thing, you know. When you sit on his hands, I mean Indies him Kevin Pritchard minute, they were talking and said they were closed but you know, it didn't work out. So, you know the sitting on your hands thinking it done cuz this is the raw since you have this is this is the Rossi rolling out on the nightly basis and it ain't scared. Nobody ain't nobody looking in Boston going Lord, besides paid him and brown and you know, they're not they're not, you know, losing sleep at night preparing for shimmy and carsen Edwards in jail T and Guy, they're not it's not they're not they're embarrassing last night was embarrassing. I mean, they obviously know, you know, most of the blame falls on Danny who owns it, you know, next level is going down to the players because they're the ones on the floor, you know, attempting to execute obviously the game plans. Hopefully not tuning out Brad Stevens, but obviously you brought that up and that's you know, if in fact they are that To me is a real concern because I don't think it's easy to just tune a guy back in. I think that's sort of the you know, beginning of the end where things are really problematic when when that reaches, you know, especially your your Star level guys tuning out the head coach and Brad, let's remember just a few months ago was extended. This guy's got like four years or something like whenever yeah anyway, but to me the two-door cars is the effort not losing its Washington the Washington game that was like they went through the motions. They let Bill get comfortable. They like, I mean, it's like all of what you don't do with the Wizards. Let me.

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