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Brought to you by State Farm, like a good neighbor, State Farm is there. Scandal advice for sugar and spice it's not even but nice hello, I will never know. Welcome to the naughty but nice show. I'm rob shooter and it's Monday, which means the idea friend Garrett Vogel joins us, hey Garrett, are you there? Rob shooter, yes, it is, I do not be a fooled by the mustache that I am growing. What inspired the new stash? Well, it is November, so it is movember as they call it or no shave November. So I'm kind of going a little bit of both because just the mustache alone, I look like Ted Lasso. Yeah, he is. And you know what? People start calling me that and I start going into the Midwestern English accent of y'all. Y'all go out there and play some football. I felt Garrett you look great. Hey, I went to see something like it harder than music or over the years. How was it? Now, I can't review it because it doesn't open. Oh, it's one of those. Did you enjoy, did you enjoy it though? I love it. Did you have fun? I love a fun experience. I loved it. Laughed out loud. If you like the movie, you're going to love the musical. Those actors and actresses, my goodness, 8 times a week, they work their bottles. I can't imagine. I do want like when I did the school play as in fiddler on the roof at school. By performance number three, I was a little over myself. I have trouble eating the same thing like twice in a row, you know? Like 8. Yeah, they do it. They're fan. Tastic, I can't wait for it to officially open in a couple of weeks. The buzz is already out there, so I'm not saying anything nobody here. Everybody knows it's a monster hit. Now it's just a question of how big a hit it will be. If I was you and my friends here on this show, I'd get your tickets now because once it opens and it gets that new York times and all those fabulous reviews Garret you know what it's like you can't get in. Oh yeah and you're paying times three of the normal prices for the ticket. By them now my Friends hey let's jump into our show, which you certainly can get right now. What time is it my Friends? It is tea time. Okay, so Aaron Carter's controversial unfinished memoir has now been delay following backlash from Hilary Duff's if you're a member. His memoir was going to be rushed out. Now in a press statement, they are saying that it is being delayed. It's not being scrapped. It's still going to be coming out just not this week. So at first, they were really capitalizing on the fact that he had just died and then we're going to rush at this book. The other side of this though is a journalist had been working with Aaron for over three years to get this story out. So the book is almost done. It's not totally finished. It was meant to come out next year. They were going to rush it out. I think wisely, they're not rushing it at this week, but this book is coming out. And I could go either way on this Garrett, part of me thinks, oh gosh, this is so tacky, this feels so creepy. Part of me thinks they worked on this. He wanted this book to come out. It's not like they're publishing his diary. He knew what he was doing and so he's got an incredible story to tell and if this story helps one two three people who struggle with substance abuse, maybe it's a good thing. Where do you fall on this? It's a complex one. If it's about recovering and getting better, yes, but Aaron, when he was alive, was known for kind of stretching the truth from time to time. And I could see this becoming very messy if the book is what he thinks about his brother or celebrities. It is. Exactly. And so then we're getting into a state's being sued and as we learned over the weekend, he doesn't have a will, so it's now the court, like it's just going to become a very messy situation. I feel bad for I feel bad for the author that was three years into it. But I think proceed with caution. Right. Let me tell you some of the things that reportedly are in the book. So why Hillary Duffy so upstairs? They used to date and allegedly in the book. He talks about him taking her virginity, also in the book, he talks about a creepy sleepover at Michael Jackson's house where the pop star was only wearing his underwear. Now, these scandalous salacious celebrity biographies, I normally eat this stuff up. I really do, I gotta be honest. The difference is he is no longer with us. And now it feels like something slightly different. There's something about it. I can't quite put my finger on it. I understand why people are upset about this. I understand why it is being delayed, but we want to know what you think about this. Should this book be released? Should Aaron Carter's controversial unfinished memoir ever be released? Hey, go vote on our Twitter page. Or our Facebook page, nordy Garcia, and be sure to check back tomorrow to hear your results, hey, Garrett, working on that. All right, well, I mean, a court of public opinion already knows he's guilty, but Alec Baldwin is looking to clear his name in a new lawsuit against the rust armor crew that resulted in the death of the cinematographer halyna Hutchins, just it feels like so many years ago, it was about a year ago, right? So Alec Baldwin, you know, he wants to clear his name. It wasn't his fault. You know, it was everybody else, but his pretty much, but at the end of the day, you know, court papers were filed pretty much just saying, hey, his Baldwin's attorneys, Luke nikas, and Robert M Schwartz, very attorney esque names right there. And when you hear those names you say automatically think, oh, those are attorneys right there. They said that it is owed a duty to those on set, including Baldwin to keep the set safe, meaning the armors that were supposed to say, hey, this gun is good to go. There's no, there's no live ammo in it. It's all fake, blah, blah, blah, and of course we know how the results of those went. Everybody out there, even though, even though Alec Baldwin might clear his name in this case, the whole idea of what happened still results back to Alec Baldwin. You know what I mean? No one knows the name of an armor. No one knows the name of an associate producer. The man who literally pulled the trigger, so no matter what Alex does legally declare his name, the court of public opinion, I think we'll always look at him as the guy who pulled the trigger. He pulled the trigger. I mean, he did do it, but I would want to know why were there live bullets? And Alex did not put those bullets there, so I really think here he wants to get to the bottom of it and often the only way to do that is by taking legal action. Now we should point out that the Santa Fe counter district turney could pursue criminal charges against Alec, that has not been decided yet also too. I don't think that could come. It's too messy of a situation, you know? Find out who put the bullets in the gun at least in that report. Like, they have investigated this. I want answers, and I think the family is owed answers here. And if it takes a lawsuit to get those answers, then so be it, but you are right, Alex name is always always

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