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Told you about jim brewer. In his comments on instagram refusing to perform at places where people have to be have to be vaccinated. Will he also appeared on tucker. Carlson show well honestly. I got a lot of feedback from a couple of venues that i was playing. My fans. were really upset. They said you know. I'm not comfortable with getting a covert shot. And now they're saying. I can't come see you perform unless i do that and i looked into it and that's the last thing you should be doing is going. Hey you wanna you wanna come see the feeding the seal the fish. You wanna come see a concert or you want to hear cash the fit. Why would you. Why would you don't want any of my fans forced to come laugh. And they gotta get a shot in them and honestly tucker. I gotta be honest with you. What really what really started my video was. There's a new narrative and the new narrative is the unvaccinated or the beast. Kill the beast. This program goes on forever kelvin based that piece vaccinated care them and when when our leader put that out there and pointing the finger like where the demons. I'm not vaccinate. I had it. You're not going to tell me about my body. I know i know my body. I know my morals. I know my faith. You don't come telling me threatened me and everyone else. As if we're the demons. I have to close friends right now. Fully vaccinated and they got colby and they're both sick. So what is this is not about safety because if it was you just like you said and i said to my video eat more fruit. Take care of your body gold's gym. I've been saying that forever for years. I watch johnstone on fox news. His well researched well produced thought. Provoking pieces are a welcome analysis into the nuns. The the the Insanity around us we have his permission to share the pieces that he now does on our show and we do so here. Government handouts keep going band strangely. Pbs's covering this now because it's airing documentary and corporate welfare. This is basically socialism for the rich. Here's our strassel. Tv sized version of it was founded in my home country of sweden carrying america. Ica is best known for meatballs and nearly impossible to pronounce product. Names saikia said oh. We're interested in the memphis area. We think it'd be a great fit for us But obviously with that they also said well how much money you're going to give us before we decide whether we're gonna calmer not. The city memphis has a program called the economic development growth engine to entice new businesses to move to the city. One way does. This is by offering large property tax abatements as always. The abatements are complex. And so it's the big companies with lots of lobbyists and lawyers. That are able to figure these things out. Keough agreed to create one hundred and seventy five new jobs with an average salary of forty one thousand dollars a year. Lines are growing tonight for key grand opening tomorrow. There was some pushback from other businesses. Will what about us. I mean we've been here and we we employ here and pay taxes here. You're really pitting these gigantic corporations who know the government have tons of lobbyists against mom and pop shops in our community that we're trying to save your basically asking people to pay more tax dollars in order for their competitor to succeed over then. Two years after i keep memphis opened to much fanfare and millions of tax breaks new documents. Show the swedish furniture. Retailer doesn't have as many jobs on the side as they promised. Ikea in memphis with there's fifteen to twenty independent furniture stores in memphis whereas our tax break less than two years. After i open kingston jer went out of business. These are our tax dollars. We worked really hard for them and they should go to things that we need. They should go to a central government services roads. Schools police fire. That's what this money should go to. I don't think it's essentially just not the role of government to give money to big corporations at the expense of small business owners. Many such programs begin with good intentions but they result in unintended consequences and those unintended consequences. Never ever go away. We will always stand with the american farms now to the farm bill. America's annual farm bills give money to farmers to make sure america has an adequate food supply but that justification is just bunk most crops. Don't get subsidies and they do just fine. Farmers choose to raise corn and soybeans. Because those are the crops that there's government guaranteed a revenue insurance. Exactly guaranteed money and who gets it. It's the big guy who have the resources not just to lobby and congress but to actually have entire shops to try to get a maximize the amount of subsidies that they're getting many of which are not even american companies in two thousand sixteen the largest poke producer in the us chinese-owned smithfield foods increased consumer prices in stores but decrease the amount. They paid farmers for live hawks yet. They still benefited from the government. Subsidy system heavily lobbying to keep feed prices low. It's estimated that in two thousand nineteen low agri-business spent over one hundred thirty five million dollars on lobbying. We embody what people romantically think about when they think about a farm. These farmers spent nothing. Jeff and sack race hawks cattle vegetables and poultry they sell primarily to families and restaurants in the area pita schulman owns a four star restaurant in nearby fort. Wayne indiana in two thousand fifteen the indiana state legislature invited jeff and pete to make a presentation on femme markets and local restaurants today as a fifth generation. Waukesha county farmer. My son. who's my partner is the six generation but they were in for surprise. We finished our presentation and the committee said well that's illegal. They immediately had to stop selling and serving chickens from the farm. They basically came up with a story that small farms processing chicken on the farm. A health risk. What really happened. Was that the bigger politically connected farms. Got the legislature to ban competition but hawkins chicken was popular. So that's hashtag was born. Keep on the menu enjoyed this meal. Will you please contact your representative. People were telling us they would call and they actually would lead with chicken thing when they phone. Hello once again. Jeff sack and pete head tunji annapolis to testify. The opposing side was not only represented by state truthfully but also by large agricultural lobbying interests including the indiana farm. Bureau the indiana state poultry association the indiana pork producers association. It's all about eliminating competition. However in this case the social media campaign continued to create enormous public pressure so local politicians took a closer look without the influence of the agricultural lobbyists. What can we do to make this better. Remarkably a revised bill was drafted to everyone's satisfaction restaurants like peter chamce can continue to serve locals poultry and neighbors have a choice in the food. A rare happy ending one small victory amidst america's growing welfare for the rich. You can watch the full documentary at.

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