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Fifteen years four trials would it never end. I just put my head down. I went numb. I I just I went no tonight. The climactic chapter in the Family Saga One. That began in a moment. All the drowned out in the chaos of history. Are- two thousand one. The Harris kids were little seven. Six four and to the family lived in this sprawling patch of wilderness where the private private lake in the backyard. Living in paradise seem kids have still have a lot of happy memories out here you know. It's just a very very unique in a special place that we were fortunate enough to To purchase you know years and years ago unique and special place at only a prosperous first person could afford like the prominent car dealer cal Harris. He loved it out here too. He said and taught his kids to love it. You went out with the kids new hunting fishing You name it. We swim in the lake. We jet ski in Lake. We Water Ski. My kids like to bring their friends out. I really enjoy just just to be outdoors. It's a fun place. President is always fun. I can't imagine over in presents. The new things get well. I can't think of more. Ideally placed a half Christmas. And does it feel like that at the time and it was here in this patch of Paradise Sir cow that he woke up one morning in two thousand one to find that his wife. Michelle wasn't home. She'd gone to work the evening before didn't come back. Mary Harris cals and he didn't know where she was and what happened. Who Carpentry was better and honestly he didn't? It wasn't something. He seemed comfortable talking about a lot. I think it was very emotional squirm. She was gone gone without warning. Her friends distraught called her cell phone. How are Jio possible? I am worried about the jury so phone message haunting now. There is something else about as you should know the night. Michelle Harris Vanish was not just any night. Eleven thousand one things are in some some kind of disarray. They were and so nobody was paying much attention to the disturbing events here. Little A we go New York troopers have all been sent to New York City. There's a skeleton crew left at all. The Stations Moulvi was a senior investigator. The New York State Police. She took the call morning of September twelfth. Would you do I said to investigators over to talk to Calvin Harris and I sat a uniform warm trooper up to the House go. Heroes opened up his house to them. He said whatever you need. Look wherever you need to look. We have carte blanche I want this us to be solved. I want to know what happened but morning. Investigator movie do only this. She had a missing person case on her hands. And with luck it will resolve solve itself speedily as many. Do we kept hoping as everyone did that. Michelle would call her house or call one of her friends and show up cows at his Dan. Mary was completely focused on his four children had to leave it to others to search for Michelle. His thing was okay time for them to go to school. All right now. It's time for me to pick them up. I need to be sure that if this is the routine that they are that is normal for them. We're GONNA keep them in their routine but where was their mother. Here was a clue clue and it didn't look good. Michelle's van had been left at the foot of the long driveway leading up to our house out here on that country. Lock the keys. Were still in the ignition. Where was she always? Investigators video camera in hand searched the house outside those two hundred plus acres to look through that area areolas homesteaded heavily in the eighteen hundreds. So there's a lot of late up wells and old foundations and things like that now we didn't i. I am not outside but a few days later. They did entered the residents through the open garage door. Senior investigator. Steve Anderson I. I noticed Bloodstains on the floor and on the mouldings of the doorway that let out to the garage and there was more blood. Tiny stains in the kitchen. Rug they sent it out for tasks everything on the floor on the inside walls and on the carpet came back to being shelve blood and suddenly the case look very different. Then we knew we had a real problem. What in the world happened to Michelle Harris and they have what would appear to be an idyllic life home and beautiful children surprising revelations relations behind closed doors? We learned more and more key became the focus. A husband suspected daughter question. I didn't talk. I just sat there and cried the whole time..

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