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So the conversation we had a couple of days ago about them identity it being identification rather than willingness to spend his even more sailing now but also. This is a notable decision by the memphis grizzlies to basically just straight up. Walk away from grayson allen one year before restricted free agency while they got Didn't two seconds out of the deal yet This might also be a taking the club out of the bag. Until taylor jenkins move could be to say hey About you played the anti mountain and dozen bain. Instead or even john john He's not deliberate shooter of those guys. I don't think so. That probably could be a part of this also but And i think the grizz just identified again. They're not like oh my god. We got to win this year as evidenced by that pels trade and grayson allen with someone that they weren't really feeling that they wanted to pay a bunch of money to resign. they have a bunch of cheap shooting. guards already probably management. Things are better than grayson allen. Even if taylor jenkins didn't agree with that so. I think this is reasonable. What do we know anything about those picks. What the bucks. They don't really have any any premium ones. They have either indiana's or utah's in twenty four of indiana's in twenty five and then they have a few of their own. So i think these are probably going to be mostly beyond forty five so the i don't think of these as premium quickly now to miami lowry three years. Eighty five million that allows. It's basically about the most that they could have done. And while trading only gordon garage and precious a chula and also gives them a little more breathing room below the hard cap left to see. I assume it's going to be the absolute lowest amount. They could pay him in in the first year the by give him a slightly more wiggle room for buyout candidates than maybe pay someone a little bit above the the absolute minimum and omar yurt seven who dominated two games at the california classic is now in a two year three point. Five million dollar deal. Similar structure to gave vincent and mattress. So you're seven has a look like he could potentially be a player at least offensively struggle defensively so far will of course have more report on him after summer league will not to me that miami is signing strouss vincent To two year contracts. I guess they're young enough that you don't get the same benefits that you do with vets the why you don't sign vets to two year minimums is because it costs you a lot more money but these guys are young enough. That doesn't really matter right. Yeah they're minimums are so low that you're not. You're still basically gonna roy not getting. It's not getting subsidized so you might as well just not subsidize it for the wizards. This was decision day for anthony gill who they added last offseason. His minimum contract officially guaranteed today. So it looks like the wizard done because they have thirteen guaranteed contracts than daniel gifford and then thirty first pick in the draft isaiah. Todd is not yet under contract. You don't usually give the thirty first. Pick two way so presumably. Todd will be there now. You could theoretically clear somebody in an ad somebody back. But i think the wiz are basically done at this juncture. Devante green is going back to the bulls on a two way deal. They gave him a qualifying offer. The bulls are functioning over the captain. We don't know the exact terms there we will keep an eye on that Per keith smith writing mcgruder is getting wiped. You and i wondered about that did not a huge surprise but we had heard that formally yet was one of the more logical ways for for detroit to just handle their business. I don't believe they had to in order to make everything go but you know it makes some sense end detroit they're basically going to waste About eight million dollars encapsulates that they could have created it looks like and maybe they still will do something with that but cory. Joseph is the room exception but once he actually signs then he takes up your space They've also got trey lyles. We didn't we don't know maybe slightly above the minimum as well and then they got hamad diablo as a restricted free agent..

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