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Legal immigration and said the law has to be the law. People who aren't supposed to be here should be kept out that was an acceptable position. Among Democrats things have changed so much again, even without Trump that someone like Barbara Jordan, the first black congresswoman from the south the democratic icon. She would be written out of the Democratic Party and denounced is a racist. By the by today's democrat. It's that bananas the positions the sort of movement you've seen away from a kind of normal mainstream immigration position among the democratic leadership. You know, Mark I'm reading from a column here from Stephen Colorado a few days ago, and it is frightening to say the number of immigrants from Central America has grown twenty eight full two thousand nine hundred seventy from a hundred eighteen thousand nearly three point three million in two thousand eighteen six times faster. They know vol immigrant population. Eighty seven percent of Central American emigrants came from three concert, countries, El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras, but on doors being the larger one, and the great majority, the great majority do not have skills that we need what skills do immigrants from El Salvador have now that the American economy desires. Well, I mean, they are able to get jobs. We'll talking about lots of low skilled people, and they're able to get landscaping jobs and dishwashing jobs that sort of thing. I mean, it's, you know, the the our economy concrete work for them. The question is what are the consequences of that? The consequences are multiple, I they weaken the job prospects of Americans looking for those jobs. I often Americans who might not be as desirable to employers people who say ex-cons recovering addict teenagers, but those are our people, and we have an interest in making sure that employers don't really have any choice, but to hire those folks, and the other thing that happens is that if you're a, you know, somebody from Honduras for the sixth grade education, perfectly normal person, you're not a rapist or drug dealer. Just a normal working stiff and you get a job. There's no way you can support your family. On the money that you earn from your job based on your sixth grade education. You know, you're working hard. You may work two jobs. It doesn't matter. You cannot feed your own kids when you have that low level of skill and education. Whether you're an American, but we're taking in people who literally will not be able to feed their own children without taking money from taxpayers, and that's just a bad policies. No way to run a railroad. You know, Mark Krikorian, you have some postings at the center for immigration studies, CIs dot org. The talks about liberalism in the past dealt with one of the evils that liberalism wanted to eliminate was overpopulation and urban sprawl in overcrowded schools and a bad environment. When you're bringing up to twenty two million illegals in the country right now on its way to forty or fifty million. What does that do for overpopulation? What does it do for for urban sprawl and congestion and the highways and the prisons in the schools? What does it do her the environment? What does it do for wage depression when you have large numbers of those with third and fourth and fifth grade education center twenty five and thirty years old coming into this country? What happened to the liberal argument that Rover populated? Yeah. That's a good question. I mean, I think the reason that shifted is because American started having fewer kids. So they were gonna talk about population issues at meant they had to talk about immigration, and they just decided look that was you know, that there was nothing more important than keeping the borders open. So there was a group called zero population growth, not one of my favorite outfits. But the.

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