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Seven days after the spike will soon lead to quote in overwhelming surge in Austin area hospitals and he wants the governor to intervene well the governor will speak today but I don't think he's intervening seven forty R. time online you know you did more testing and in nursing homes in particular so yes hospitalizations will go up tell everybody they have to stay at home governor shut it down I'm guessing that's what they really don't want economy yeah that's that's pretty much what they want I was sucked up elegant the pelican water system I have in my house every year love it turn the shower on because I want to I don't smell chlorine that's the first thing I smiled when I used to turn the shower on really hot kind of that smell of chlorine that you get from the pool nope I don't have that my house ninety seven percent of the chlorine is out of my water ninety eight percent of the hard minerals or out of my water the the stuff the guns up your dishwasher meaning you have to replace it sooner than you want to or sooner than you should have to so the one year anniversary coming up I've been telling you there's one thing you need to do if you're gonna have the pelican smart combo and that is change the filter for less than thirty Bucks once a year I thought okay let's see if it's as easy as they say I think we ran a stop watch took me about ninety seconds to change the filter top of the water unscrew the old folder took out the old phone but the new filter and screwed back up boom done simple that's a great.

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