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Heaven hell. Between to get to you. You wouldn't be safe. Anyway, if I was managing. And that's that bowl. That's true. I've went up against people you could pull a gum. Yeah. If I manage you. I'm coming forward. Shoop style way. If you don't kill me. Stupid. Siamese see me. I will kill you. During the commercial break. They were probably talking smack about their next guest. But now they're going to act like they're all cool with. Tour option goes that's going to get us in trouble one day. One some moody fighter ship at the clock on. All right. The next guy is is real cool cat enjoys covering him has risen through the UC lightly ranks, and you know, things have gone way. Most of the time. However in his last fight, he did take a loss to Donald Sarony. Although I really standing, you know, taking a few steps behind and watching as a media guy and as a fan I felt he hit a lot of check marks on fight week. And I'm really glad he's doing this interview. Again, these these losses are tough, you know, and and so credit to Alexander Hernandez. Our next guest for coming on the show where really anxious to talk to him. Hey, how's it going, Alex Sander? You know, the Sutton Stanford. Yeah, doing alright I with. We're doing great, man. Welcome back to EMMY junkie radio young with George goes. And Dan, and we also have you've see lightweight Kevin Lee as our co host for the day. And so I wanted to just keep going on what I was saying..

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