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It's not illegal to pay or yeah. It's is illegal in this in this situation but i get it i you know rob i did say look we gotta come to some time on. No you want but you know it's not like right but i'm right. We do have states are to have different route. But that's just problematic man when you're talking about athletes rob that are in different states all the time right traveling to play in different places and one state. You're playing in weed is legal. The next state is not legal. Like it just. It just seems like it's going to cause a lot of not good it. We saw caruso right from the lakers. Get arrested die. Texas right right right legal down there. Yeah i get that. But you have to know. I mean we saw plaxico. Burress go to jail chris. He had a gun that was registered in florida. But not new york though. You know what. I mean. You have to not stings. I mean obviously. Yeah yeah now. It's it's unfortunate. I feel for but the rules are the rules. I had a. We had to call. Who said you know black shirt boycott. I had a black former track coach text media of the day like she broke the rules right like we do need. Look a lot of things are being a race right inside. A lot of things being changed and all that. Let me. Just say this. You do need some standards for things. If we're going to have a society a civilized society. We're going to have to keep some standards. You have to have rules whether it's a radio station whether it's a government whether it's a school system whether it's a track and field or sporting organization you need rules and standards if you want erase everything which allowed people are raising all types of stuff route. Then it's chaos is going to ensue so we need rules. We can debate which rules we should have. But you need some rules. Keep it locked. We got an hour left Couple can you can learn best when you feel your best at the kaiser. Permanente bernard j tyson school of medicine student wellbeing. An academic success go hand-in-hand..

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