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Majority leader Schumer is going to be talking about now holding a speedy trial and trying to buy for Kate Senate confirmation of national security posts versus and vindictive and what I would consider an unconstitutional impeachment trial. He can't have it both ways. Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell has argued for a two week delay, President Biden Leaving all of those decisions up to Congress. America is listening to Fox News News radio K L B J I'm John Cooley. This news brought to you by the good feed store Austin Iced tea is inviting students back to campus starting Monday next week, the district's Eddie via says The last two weeks, They've been recommending parents keep their kids learning at home. But the drop in the campus cope with positivity rate as the district's pulling That recommendation were welcoming. Those students who have chosen on cats is learning to return to campus. If they wish. The return to camp. It is not mandatory families can still one remotely if they choose to. That is an option throughout the whole school year. The campus covert positivity rate dropped from 7% down to 4% via, says the district isn't daily contact with Austin Public health about the situation on campuses Austin Public Health gives an update on the vaccination effort, officials say they have in total distributed just about 18.5 1000 vaccines thus far. Noting they have received 12,000 vaccines last week and another 12,000 vaccines this week and I plan to resume Austin police cadet classes has been gaining steam in recent months. Mayor Steve Adler has said he thinks the time is coming to make that happen again to move forward in spring with cadet class for for for officers. The idea has found some support among city Council members. But this week, the reimagining Public Safety Task Force has recommended against restarted the academy due to allegations of racial bias and training videos. Kale BJ News Times 403, Now looking Austin's on time traffic.

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