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Find bomb show podcast. Welcome back. We are live in Knoxville and look who showed up. Hey. You were just saying, you guys, Paul's had a wardrobe change. He's added a jacket to the mix here. You were holding out for a long time though. Yeah, no, for me, once it goes below 70, I start shivering. Right. Yeah, he's over here, shivering and shaking. I said, let's put your jacket on for once. By the way, is this the jacket that we just keep on the SEC nation? Did you bring this? This is not my jacket. Well, yeah, it didn't fit. Let me tailor that thing for you. Real time here. Yeah, this was not done at a top notch tailor. Yeah. Well, it looks really warm though. It's going to be colder tomorrow morning for SEC nation. So I hope you're ready. You got to hat or anything like that? No. Keep the dome warm. I mean, let's just listen. It's the elephant in the room. That's funny. So how have you been? I'm great. It's great to see you. Yes. Great to see you. I was thinking about you last night 'cause we did the mics like foundation charity event for their foundation, which benefits prostate cancer awareness and research and we were missing you a lot. And so one of the things you generously donated a dinner with you, that was one of the live auction items. And I felt bad because when I announced it when we had the auctioneer going through nobody wanted it. I didn't think so. I'm just kidding. Someone bought it. The way to go for it. I was gonna try it. $35 or something? No, it actually sold for a pretty great amount. We raised almost $700,000. It was awesome. Man, I really wanted that. I wanted to stay with that joke, but you look so sad. I couldn't do it. So I have done that before where you I did and I did it in auction and I don't remember where it was. Well, and someone hung up here. What are the items was like backstage at the fine bomb show? And I said, okay, what's the opening bit? I was thinking a couple $1000. $20. Oh no. What is so far? It didn't sell for much. Oh, shoot. Well, it was funny because last year when we did it, I auctioned off something similar. And the guy who bought it, this is true story. Came up to me at the event and said, you know, we still haven't used what I won last year. And he said, I don't really.

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