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Yeah. Okay? Means it is for this show. Oh, God, Leo. W K x w trenchant w K x WHD, a Town square media station weekdays, we talk weekends We rock, New Jersey one at 1.5 and NJ 115 dot com. You turn Z one of one point it's four o'clock in the great Garden State. It's Craig Allen will be rocking and dancing and doing the moonwalk with Michael Jackson got the Rolling Stones on the way Rocket, for sure. With a C D. C. Billy Joe from New Jersey. One at 1.5. Star Mouth. Virginia. Don't any weight Catherine MacDougall start much too late. All assume the role little comes down the base. This world will be the one. Well, they show on you. Statute sold. You spread built two temples locked you away. Oh, but they never told his prize that you place You might have done. Well, only the good die. That's what I said. Let it die. Dangerous around. We ate. Really? We ain't too proud. I laughing a bit too loud off. I've never heard No. One So Come on Virginia. Show me a sign. Send up shit. But I'll throw you the line. Stay vast curtain to hide behind. Let's in the source. Darling. Only the good die won't As a whole. Your own leg, Good type. Might just Santa Party on your confirmation. And soul man across so That didn't give you quite enough information. Dip. Count on me when you captain on the rosary won't see there's a heaven but those who will wait Some say it's better. But I said I'd rather laugh with the series and cry with the Saints. This here is a much more fun. You know that only the good die there. Hey, y'all only that die. The only only like again he was a reputation. She never cared for me. Did she ever say a prayer for me? Come out. Come out! Come out between you Don't let me wait. Catholic girl stop much too late. Sooner or later comes down the baby might as well be the one You know that Only the good die young. Tell you, baby. Don't want anything young, only a good job. Oh, good. Billy Joel is set to restart the monthly Madison Square Garden shows in November. That's just awesome news. New Jersey 1 to 1 Point New Jersey Chop time. 404 I'm Craig Allen type for New Jersey Fast traffic. On.

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