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Right Halfback town, but what about just the culture of the sort of the organization? How important is that? You know Intel. I'd like using that. Word the culture. Didn't really didn't have. From the Intel Magic King and how? It. It's like everybody knew it was like okay now we're you know. The Hammer's coming down. We're serious about Winnie. We're going to get back to winning. And how like not only from the the basketball side, but like every aspect of the organization? Everybody's sat up a little bit straighter like magic. You know it's like we're here to do something now. This is what we're. Missiles wet committed to and and. He, said US off on that path, and now I really see how the culture has come around in terms of. You. Know bringing somebody like Lebron in than the players at WanNa. Come and play with somebody like Lebron. And the coaches that we have the coaching staff and what they're all about and what they're trying to accomplish, so yes, I think we managed to change our culture. It took time to implement, but now we're now. Were people know who we are? They know the kind of basketball team. We WanNA. Be the kind of players that we're going to bring you in, and now it all feeds on itself now we we've got the pieces now. The pieces could grow and he bigger I I think Jeanie and Ali. That's what. What the last dance has shown me yet again you can have everything in place that you want. But if you don't have the the one player in the locker room that holds everybody accountable that he's kind of the last. Say you know I. Just have not seen many winning teams or teams that go on long runs. Don't have that one guy that even when the coach walks out of the door, everybody's still accountable to that guy over in the corner. That's probably because he's such. A veteran has three lockers. Three locker mentality if if you know it was that way with the cardinals with Albert pujols holster it's that what you know. Whatever these guys in their prime or Gretzky in his day or whatever it might be that players can get away with whatever little stuff they can get away with, but there is a line, and that line is drawn by that guy in the corner, not by the head coach not by the GM, not by the not by the media. It's drawn by that guy who's setting the example everyday if you don't have that. You're dead and I I just I. Just don't think you're GonNa win especially with all of the distractions that exists today. This is not nineteen sixty. If you don't have somebody that the players are accountable. On their level you're not GONNA win. You. Is that your experience, Janney? I I do think that you need that. That guy in the locker room that is gonNA say what needs to be sad and that you know to get guys. To Lake follow suit, and Kobe was that Guy Lebron is I. Know Kobe was in the gym. He was the first one in the gym every day..

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