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I mean, how could it be anything other than that? How could you the funny thing is as a family like that probably boasts that they have this great morality that goes along with having this many children. Doesn't it seem like I don't know. Anyway, what do you got? Okay, so I'm going to talk to you a little bit about the subject of religious charities. And how they can kind of get away with pretty much anything. It seems like, but the good news out of the UK this week is that they finally dissolved this really radical Islamic charity. It was called the Islamic Islamic research foundation international, and it had been registered for a long time in the UK since 2007. One of the ironies is that from this charity, they started a thing called peace TV, PEA, CE. Yeah. And we're basically doing the opposite of that. So they get all these charitable donations. They start this TV channel, which is basically just spewing hatred. So it's like these terrible sermons that are being broadcast by this guy, I think his name is Nate. Doctors. And it's like, it's just hatred. Yeah. Just pure hatred. But you get away with these sort of things because you're calling yourself a religious organization. Right. And everybody's terrified of calling out, especially Islamic hatred. Right. Because those guys don't. Don't mess around. A lot of the time. But here's the trick, everybody. Little helpful hint from TGI over here. Where you have religious fundamentalism you got bad things happening. It doesn't even matter. It doesn't matter which kind it is. It can be, it can be Christianity, it can be Islam, it can be Judaism. It can be Buddhism. It can be Hinduism, whatever your ism just pick one of the isms and there's probably some bad stuff here. And boy, you got some people saying some nasty shit in the name of that ism. But luckily, so the charity commission for England and Wales and then also went in Canada, just very recently are starting to kind of put the hammer down on some of these charities and have begun to be very suspicious, especially like if they're cloaked under basically the advancement of religion. Like if that's kind of like what they say that their charity is, they're really looking into that. They're starting to actually kind of get a clue. I mean, the whole point of a charity is to do service and good for society at large. And guess what? Preaching hatred and getting people to be awful to write. Part of society? Probably not benefiting society in great ways. Maybe you have to pay your taxes now. I think that that's very true. Do you guys have a charity? Could you have, oh, I guess, I mean, atheism is a religion so you can't have a charity. I can have whatever charity I want. Fuck you. You are a charity case. Look, people. If we had a charity, then we'd have to be accountable for what we do with the money that people give us. That's a good point. But in Canada too, not I'm going to go get back on track with the story. They're also kind of getting a clue when it comes to kind of the inequity between regular charities and religious charities. And they're like, maybe since we claim to be separated or religion from state, we shouldn't subsidize billions of dollars worth of our taxpayers money to pay for religious activities. I just think it's so funny. Religions often do some charity work. The Mormon church that I was raised in does some charity work. 30 to a $100 million worth of charity work. If which sounds like a lot. Sounds like a lot. Until you tell you pan out. Yeah. And you see what part what chunk of the mountain of money that they have, that actually represents. And then you think to yourself, um, maybe you don't get to call yourself a charity. Right? Maybe you are a business. You're a club. Right. Oh, a club. And you know, people pay their dues. Their membership dues, which you charge a lot, would 10% of the income is that's a high do. That's a lot of money to be a part of that club. But maybe they don't get to write off that money. As a charitable donation. And unless you actually use it for charity. Maybe you don't get to be nonprofit. Right? Unless you're actually doing charitable work. Commensurate with what money is coming in. There is no oversight to that is baffling to me. Yeah, well, that's the society. Another great thing about our country. You want to know, here's how insidious the people are. Okay. The religious folks are. I mean, I know, but you can go on. I mean, sorry, what I'm meant to say is, here's another example. There you go. Let's just do another one. This one is apparently a fellow named William Harrison, just got his PhD, congratulations to him. This is his PhD is in missiology. How do you spell that?.

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