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Second. Guess like you're supposed to assume do horrible is gonna tear his labor him. Give me a break. Is it the flushing Bruce up next? Yes. I. I know I deal what's going on BRUCE'S sandy to reliable sleeping at the wheel. Inside the Elmont. Chris joins us. He's a foul kiss. I mean, this is just bad news. We got to be ready to go guys come on. We gotta be ready to go. Let's go. Let's go. I you know, what to do come on. Now. Kings park. Caller. What's up Carla? Kurla? Talk about that. I could. As far as the Yanks go to say, I'm upset about the injury. I can't do anything about it. You can't about it. Get to play with the college it dealt with John. You know, what it's one hundred sixty two games in a season. It's not a sprint. It's a marathon. And I noticed cliches and all this other stuff, but let me tell you right now, John they have the theft, and they have to go out and get somebody. Guess what? I have to go out and get somebody. It's just that simple. It's three four games this season. And the sky is falling. Everybody's like oh my God. Oh my God. After relax. Well, carl. I don't think it has anything to do with the record right now. And I told you yesterday I was not concerned even after lose into the Orioles because what one hundred and fifty eight more baseball games that said when you have this injury bug. That is hitting your team from Stanton early on Monday already losing Severino Hicks the chances Sobat for time. And now to find out one of your best hitters from year ago could be out for the remainder of the air. That is why you're going to see some panic amongst the Yankee fans, and I think it's justified in who's a Miguel and do her, however now DJ LeMay you who is brought here on a two year twenty four million dollars contract. Now, DJ Lamaze got a chance to show you why you wanna batting a couple of years ago in Colorado. He's got a chance to go out and play. So you don't have to worry about finding a position for him. He's going to be in the everyday lineup for better or worse. I mean, not for anything, John. I mean, I know I know the the old cliche of oh, you'd never gonna have enough to this for that look disguise. He is a quality ball player. He gets the bat on the ball. He doesn't swing for the fences. I mean, if the right side hits hits the ball to the left side hits. I mean, come on. Yes. It does suck not having. I hate it. Believe me, the kid is a doubles machine. He's unreal. No question about that. But to say, I mean, I'm I'm not saying this junk, but I know a lot of people like I want to go to work later on people are gonna be like, oh, my God, the sky is falling and this and that which is ridiculous. I mean, I know people after the Yankees lost. The Orioles would completely like they want respiratory. I mean, I mean, it was like out of control. But like I said before it's a long season John that it is called, but they're going to be tough John UK and find that production from somebody else in the lineup, and we may use capable playing. Well, but and do horrors special talent I wanted to see what he was going to do for an encore in the second year lose it him. It's going to hurt this team. You can't minimize data fees out for the year. That's a big border the Yankee lineup. Absolutely, john. And and as far as the jets go, look, I know everybody's flavor right now. And that's fine. That's all fine and dandy. But why would I want a player who has who had a scope on? His name is Courtney. I'm almost positive right? Yeah. Yeah. I wouldn't be too concerned about it. Call because he's a I'm gonna tell you why he's a physical freak defensively two guys that total package. And if you watch your brother plays brothers. Unbelievable. Get after the quarterback, Nick foles who was able to do the same thing. And it just needs somebody quite frankly, we could get after the quarterback said Tucson, Arizona. Dave joins us on a foul. It's up there. What's going on? It's been a while. Back here at Tucson. It's pretty amazing. And I just want to say like, I hear you. He what's going on? But you gotta look at my match with the pitching in and what's going on with this young team and Brody put together, and that's at the Yankees. No right to ship. You know, Yankee fans out there, and you just don't want, you know, maybe like a Boston to run away with they like last year. So you have to catch up to deal with. But you know, they'll go the grab player to your. He's always a good team player. If to you know to spell, Severino that you gotta love what's going on with these back paid baby. Everything go well rounded pitching, even though we didn't have a good outing. But he had a great second half. Maybe he'll turn around and you got four the ground Dame, these guys, and you gotta think Brody the right date. What do you think they Dave right now, they win ballgames because the scoring runs? It's not about the Mets starting pitching. You got a decent start out of Stephen Matt's. Syndergaard was not great Wheeler was not great. The reason you throw in one store and this year, you're young position players doing damage. Mcmeel alonzo. Rosario? That's the blend. You want to see? Said to Warren, Paul Johns is he's on a foul up. All hey JJ. Great great show. I appreciate that. Boy. It's good to your voice. But he got hey, I still have at least a little bit of faith the Mets. I mean, look, it's April second, right? Correct is April second is a long way to go, my friend. Right. Right. Right. But you you said to me not long ago does your I'll feel it's going to be okay. Right. I did. Okay. What do you think? Well, I mean, listen Conforto. You want him to have a big season. Stay on Monday, McNeil compla- McNeil USA guy right now that needs to be in the lineup. He's got professional type it bats for a young player that you wanna see. So I'm very encouraged by McNeil, and then you have Alonzo. Listen, paul. It's four five games in baseball season. So come away with these like overarching themes this quickly. It's tough to do his about the Mets. They scorn runs. The employers have producing let's hope continues. You know, what I still have somewhat confidence in Rosario someone? Why would host cell Pau? Go ahead RBI. What didn't even give you lead against the wall? And so I would hope that there's some confidence would have met her as Ariel and. Yeah, as a whole here, I think he's got to take it to the next level. He showed you some signs of life. Those final two months of the year. Making better contact. Driving in morons. Hidden more extra basis. Those ninth-inning at bats late game situations, you get a gift from the empire's. When while the gares quarterly should have been out. On that bone on a strike to which should have been strike three. You gotta make that her. And I know Lonzo be the guy to get all the attention. And I get why he's your young powerhouse stood offensive. Smashing home runs and coming up from the minor leagues with all this hype. But game when he hit was from Pedo, Lonzo was from mysteries area. It's four twenty here on Tuesday morning, it stage after dark John jastremski right here on the fan hate seventy seven thirty three seven sixty six sixty sixty Yankees have all sorts of injuries. How Aaron Boone is going to try to shuffle. Their lineups going to be interesting to watch. You got the Mets why they win against not because they're starting pitching. They wanna games because they're scoring runs and we'll chat handicap best team a final four wars team left in a final four update time here is the moisture high sound..

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