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So i want to recommend the everybody i don't know how jerem can you get a copies for everybody. Maybe next week so that you come buy a copy. You must happen. We have a set of books system. Books makarios since very library love of the prophet very for that booth preach all the come from but this particular is a very important. That's i'm taking my time to teach you that things in the book. Do you have paul. Okay let me know. Go there. Because i appreciate soon. I wanna teach you some to subway script. Some eighty five eight. They said i will hear what gold load will speak. How many i read you hear what god wanted to speak to you. So always when come to his presence opinion. Es here who got on. I will hear. I wou here. What the lord speak. That is when you are in the presence of a kit passing. The frist enough value might be attentive to listen to what the presidency have a sit or be with an important person. Don't talk too much. Don't listen to what the person is. See hallelujah what a very empathic or the blues calm here. Don't some entertain. They deceit cd seat. If you do that you cannot be blessed because you may make comment that acute into trouble go. People are not just do be are also quick understanding what are known that is of quick understanding so in his presser. You can do he unless what to us in our you don't as our that person he can give deputies of what you do is that what does anointing. That's the one you wind the press so grid person. Don't be in the rest opinion. My i go before you know. You're a fully statement and what you see determines whether you might be elevated be done greeted. That is if you watch and the beauty contests beautiful. This structure will come as a question. One does not as the marks begin to be deducted or be added so is not your beauty that will give you the hour by the ways from your mouth might be careful what comes out of your mouth so i wore here not our talk back one board speaking what bought debt load the load the authority. Figure over you. When you went the president's i'm not thirty figure. Don't be right to talk. What he's muff. What you see to be sure that you understand what you see. I would hear what god delivered speak who you're calling about split. How do you have food. Because you don't listen to what the you are out. I won't hear what gone del laude would speak for. He was picked piece on to his people and he sits anytime. God is picking his thinking about your good and your peace and your spirit go does speak his pick because he wants to do something for you. That will bring you peace joy. Happiness prosperity said. I know the plan that up to you jeremy. Twenty nine hundred. Eleven i know is the person who's autistic. He has plans for you. That you might not know.

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