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40 w H A s. We're going to talk to the NFL after the bottom of the hour News with Scott Fitzgerald, your morning show sports host and maybe an appearance by Gus the engineer. Yep, A Big Packers fan. Also we commiserated in the hallway. Yes, singing the praises of Kevin King. Yes. Oh, but first, let's find out what's going on with your money. Bloomberg money minute on these radio 8 40. W H A s. This is a Bloomberg money minute. The image of Bernie Sanders bundled up in a jacket and mittens didn't respond means around the world. It also led to a massive spike in sales. Vermont outerwear company Burton Snowboards said his edge come down jacket has sold out. And its website has been inundated with visitors in the past few days. Mark is discontinuing development of it's too experimental Cove in 19 vaccines after early trial data showed they failed to generate immune responses. The drug giant strategy was using a more traditional approach of focusing on shots based on weakened viruses. Pandemic has probably boosted remote working permanently. A Deloitte survey of managers suggest a third of employees will work from home even after restrictions end Earnings kick into high gear this week. Major tech names are reporting, including Apple, Facebook, Microsoft and Tesla's stocks are mixed The session with the S and P moving higher and the Dow dropping 80 points corny, Donna Hope Bloomberg Radio. Continue to work with a couple of accidents. One from earlier this morning in Crestwood involved a truck and a train that's on Railroad Avenue at migraines. Road eastbound 64. There's an accident near Grinstead. But over on the shoulder, our next report is in 15 minutes, chucking from NewsRadio a 40 wh a gas Okay. What? Meteorologists Mammal? Oh, ceviche with.

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