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I'll be hearing how these scientists fly places. Most people would flee in order to collect data that builds up into a weather forecast. The accuracy of predictions is increased. But can we do more? Is there a way of controlling them or darling down the devastation? Join Elsom cramped science to point out. BBC news. Santi officials have rejected allegations by the Turkish police that a prominent Saudi journalists jamarcus Shoghi has been murdered inside the Saudi consulate in Istanbul. An official called the accusation baseless her Shoghi has not been seen since he entered the building last Tuesday, President Trump's nominee. Brad Kavanagh has been sworn in as the US supreme court Justice, even as a bitter argument continues to rage over the allegations of sexual assault leveled against him earlier. Mr. Trump called a town story victory. The people of Bosnia voting in elections after a campaign marked by widespread intimidation, an ethnically-based abuse at least two candidates for the rotating presidency, a seeking secession or ethnic autonomy, highlighting Bosnia's continuing fragility this tight security in Cameroon for its presidential election violence. Has escalated in recent weeks, at least ten people have been killed in an earthquake in Haiti that triggered panic in the north of the country, president juvenile Louise is appealed for calm police in Israel, say three Israelis have been shot in the West Bank near a Jewish settlement dot to say a man and a woman are in a critical condition. The US secretary of state Mike Pompeo is visiting North Korea. Where he's expected to meet the country's leader Kim Jong UN Mr. Pompeo said he hoped to settle the date and location for a second summit between President Trump. And Mr Kim, Mr. Pompeo also said he was continuing to work on restricting Pyongyang's nuclear capabilities. A much heralded mixed martial arts fight in Las Vegas has ended in chaos after fights broke out both inside and outside. The ring the Russian Habib Norma Khamidov defeated Ireland's Conor McGregor. But then started brawling with his opponents support team. Three people were arrested was denied his title. BBC news. You're listening to crowd science from the BBC World Service. I'm money Chesterton. And I'm just about to fly into a hurricane. This may be the most extreme thing crafts sciences ever done. It's all in a day's work. We would know the natural Janik and Atmospheric Administration, basically, the US government's whether people specifically with that hurricane hunters. And we just taken off Florida. My name.

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