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Text now here are Markham Melinda is anybody texting about, this, San Antonio man An. Billion dollars for having an affair with me It seems that I'm I hadn't, upset some people. By blaming the husband that sued. But I'm sorry he, had some part in it why someone else says if there, is. Nothing so hold the wife accountable a penalty etc then this considers the wife and affection property to be paid for that is. Not right in this type of suit is wrong Well this story says that this occurred in Durham North Carolina, and North Carolina, is one of a small number. Of states that have, laws that allow this kind of lawsuit and if you're just, joining. Us the husband sued the man who had an ongoing affair with the husband's wife and the husband has been declared the Victor I would say so the judge, has ordered the man who was having. The, affair with, the wife to pay eight point eight. Million dollars, to the husband. Have you, heard that. Correctly eight. Point, eight million dollars. The man who had the affair is Francisco Heiser of San Antonio so he is in a. World of pain here even if he appeals in wins he's going to pay huge legal bills yeah and you you have to appeal something like this I mean you. Can't go all right eight point eight million yeah that. Seems, right you have to. Take you would not be in favor of Texas adopting, a law like this. Could, you imagine I see if Texas had this, lower if every state decided this was a law that they were gonna have I see a huge decrease in marriages one. Thinking I'm not even ever gonna, take that chance I I don't get married I'm not going to be stuck with the eight point eight million dollar Bill Are. Two people are just gonna walk around with blinders afraid to look. At anybody of the other Saxon just be like, I don't see you I can't, talk to you and we're going to. Become, even more, unsocial than we already are because of. Our phones, would that be. A bad, thing now. If it. Were, to cut down. On cheating well no I mean because it's it's never right to to cheat at marriage but. That's a that's a huge huge penalty for two adults consenting to have sex yeah I've never seen anything like this have you in a news story no this this. One is really unusual this is Catherine in round rock. With, Marc and Melinda hi. Katherine Dunn I wanted to come in on the on, the San Antonio guy Made me do. What, I was gonna say oh yeah. What kind of work does he? Do, the story does not say it. Should but it does he does marketing I think he's. A, guy in, San Antonio a yeah okay now how 'bout he turned around as Woo Because he was he was his, wife, sponsor and chairman is to him because, he he, says he's on his wife and his wife won't give up and just mad menagian so he can turn. Around and, so, yeah That he's called him. With his, wife Well I suppose he could try at Catherine What does Oh I'm this been. Yang thank. You Weekend he's gotta try. Something Melinda Did it cost you may He, tried. The. Wrong, woman oh man.

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