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And we're back. So we knew I think on Monday, we were talking about how the night before on Sunday Trump was really going crazy on the Twitter really releasing his Twitter fingers, and people were like, I wonder what was going on. We'll that we were speculating. That's because Paul manafort's trial was about to start and they maybe that has something to do it. And then Rudy Guliani was out here just fucking up left and right and burning store. Yeah. Well, you know, that's that's how I label people. You know what I mean? Trump has his Guliani. Oh yeah, I'm here. I'm here really heavily anus. Ooh. Bruni right now. We got a record that record that. And we'll retake that before the segment and we're back so. Now we see last night or this morning Trump had all kinds of tweets, and I just kind of wanna break down each tweet to sort of indicate what this is sort of about because there's a few things giving Donald Trump trouble right now in terms of his legal jeopardy, because he's not a good boy. So this morning is first off top. He's just fires off a tweet about agent. Peter Struck who's the FBI agent who tweeted or who messaged Lisa page, I think is your name who's in FBI lawyer about? He's like, we can't. We like this guy. We have to stop this guy, meaning talking about Trump. And then yeah, the Republicans just took that one snippet even though he said, all this other stuff around it to say the FBI was against Donald Trump the whole time when really that's the FBI doesn't work like that unless they're trying to kill civil rights leaders. But so, yeah, them too. They all work together. So he goes FBI agent, Peter Struck on the Muller team Prentice. He should have recused himself on day one, and he's sort of a, it's a quote that Alan Dershowitz gave. You know, amazing legal mind, but he said the FBI was out to stop the election of Donald Trump. He needed an insurance policy. Those are legal. Improper goal is trying to influence the election. He should never have been allowed to remain in the FBI while he himself was being investigated. This is a real issue, won't go into a mother report because mother is going to protect these guys. Muller has an interest in creating the illusion of objectivity around this investigation. So again, this is an attack on the Muller investigation. He's trying to discredit Robert Muller and the FBI and it seems like he clearly, this is a tweet of somebody who's worried, you know, you don't just fire this off out of nowhere. But this is clearly this is his attempt of being like you're listening to our mother because he's fucking wag anyway, is sort of how I'm distilling that. Then next up, he really starts cranking the volume up on the panic stereo. He says, this is a terrible situation, attorney general Jeff Sessions trumped up, Russian. Oh, I mean, I normally have another one, but such like this outraged white guy, this is terrible. Okay. It would do this. There's a terrible situation anyway. All right. Tony, general Jeff Sessions should stop this rigged witch hunt right now before continues to stay in our country. Five that Bob Ma is a tote is a totally conflicted, and he's seventeen angry. Democrats that are doing his daddy work or a disgrace to USA is the Australian version. But again, he's he's literally saying attorney attorney general Jeff Sessions, stop the fucking investigation..

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