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They prioritize sony. Michelle and You're you're i mean he's got a of score a lot of touchdowns. Yeah yep exactly and you do have sony michelle seven overall right next to damian harris at seventy eighth overall injury that i think was a bit tough to swallow for us was irv smith getting this meniscus surgery so close that season he was had great usage in the preseason. I know tyler contemplate yet. But smith had really good usage in the preseason. I thought he was a steel when we were getting them in like the twelfth thirteenth fourteenth round now not only was his adp rising. but also. now. I think he's a tough hold in regular formats right like. How can you really hold a bench spot with a guy coming off. Meniscus injury at the tight end position and he's not even like an elite tight end. So i now. I'm having hard time even drafting irv smith in a home league or something like that. Because my god do i really want to hold a roster spot in week one two three four and i think our smith might not be back until october. I don't even know if i can hold a roster spot for him. So what do you think about irv. Smith's injury do you have any interest in conklin. Or how do you think the vikings are gonna play it either. Conklin like him in like super deep tight end premium weeks. You know where. He got ten bench spots. I think that he you can take them relate there but now it sucks i think earth smith is my high extracted tight end. I'm right in my most often drafted tight end so far this year so it it definitely hurts hopefully will be backed by like week three but it sounds more likely week. Four week five. And it's really tough to hold a non difference maker You know in all likelihood he's not going to be a difference maker. even if he was healthy. I think we were just hoping for you. Know maybe top seven top eight tight end stats would have been really helpful. A happy with that got him down a tight end. Thirteen like right next to evan ingram who also is dealing with. It's just like the thinness of the tight end. Position is disgusting at every man in energy. You're drafting maine like if you're still drafts in like i would prioritize a top seven or eight tight end absolutely because the cliff drop. It just keeps getting worse and worse. It's really bad. Yeah and i really did like getting irv late. It is tough to see you. I'm gonna leave. Think more about how because it's going to be a question on tire conklin because he's obviously to be stolen minimum salary in week one but i think we'll have more on that by the way i run of. Dfs projections in the season package coming soon. We'll be up by wednesday night. If you check the wednesday night ahead week one if you check the season package. We're already putting a lot of time into that. Hilton men was already looking good in the age model. I mean these speed receivers when they lose their speed and they get older. It gets really rough now. He has a disc issue and man. That's really really scary. Conseil he's out indefinitely. I could see missing the whole season. They say it's not a season ender but man. These things are really really complicated. They will almost certainly go. Now with michael pittman exact. Pascal on the outside paris campbell. On the inside pairs gameboy a lot of injury. History himself you. Now have michael pittman all the way up to eighty first overall right in that corey davis right behind. Corey davis right behind. Juju smith schuster. I've been drafting a lot of michael payment around ten or eleven. He's gonna start going much much higher now would think about the fallout from. Ty hilton's injury colts every year. There's a team two. It's usually the eagles that just like suffers a ton of injuries in training camp and they just start limping into the season. It feels like the season is already over. And that's the colts. This year i mean from carson wentz to clinton nelson to just almost every position group on the offensive line. The eric fisher. We knew that he was probably not gonna play early in the season. He's backup sam tabby tears. Acl yutz it Ryan kelly is even their signers now on the kobe lists paying. It's been an absolute nightmare training. Camp for indianapolis i bumped up. Michael pittman a little bit. Paris campbell is now. I think like in the twenties or thirties. And i think that this team is is gonna struggle this season especially early in the air considering their schedule in all these all the compound nature of these injuries but yeah i mean that's where i staying with them from a fan. I'm not super excited about either one by i could see fit in taken a big second year leap though. I mean that's definitely In his range of tangible outcomes. And i think the paris campbell is very draftable. Yep for sure. And by the way for the along on props you know like you start to see how the injuries you start to see. How taking ninety ninety five percent of unders can be so profitable not that. We're rooting for injury. But it's hard for the books when he sees props to account for the chaos for the injuries for the roster movies etc etc wanting. You brought up evan. Ingram editing hurt. His calf to i talked to jordan ron. He doesn't know exactly. It looks like he's still getting evaluated but doesn't seem too serious. They have ingram now questionable for week one can questionable for week one covered off his questionable for week. One i think barkley will probably be fine. But we'll see their slayton hurt his foot slash ankle. New third preseason game that sounds minor. Man they're limping into this week. One game against denver. I don't think we have any real takeaways. You've been way lower than market on kenny. Golladay for a while now. Same with saquon. So it's gonna be a tough spot for them against denver in week one. I don't think there's too much to say there. But any comments on the giants. Now do you know what the spread is on that on the denver giant's game having looked i really close like a month ago. I haven't looked but that gives us a chance to know that every lie are starting a show. This is not going to be behind the pay wall. We're not going to be a selling pigs. This is just going to be on to messing around talking about games and totals in lines that we like. Obviously we are far for professional sports bettors but the people have demanded it so much. And we'll have fun with it so stay tuned for that first. One coming thursday before week one on youtube. So only three point spread broncos giants. I mean i think the broncos way better than the giants for sure all.

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