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Yes. So fourth victim was never I did. So now we have another alias while known as Bob Evans too many Teri. Rasmussen, dated. Lisa's mom, Denise Boden Lisa, and her mom denise disappeared from Manchester New Hampshire in Nineteen eighty-one this puts him in New Hampshire in the early to mid eighties and authorities believe that he killed denise somewhere her body. has never been found and then he left with Lisa caught it. Denise Lisa were not reported missing at the time because the family believe that she left town because she was having some financial issues and she was dating this guy who went by the name of Bob Evans. So they didn't even know that they were really missing in two thousand and sixteen however once the daughter Lisa once she resurfaces alive and well living in California and then there was publicity about the murders and. Vote in disappearance now they start thinking of something, sinister must have happened they contacted authorities. So this whole thing is coming together in two thousand and ten Teri Rasmussen died in prison, and after his death, they use DNA obtained from his autopsy and they were able to establish that he was the father of that fourth victim that was found in the barrel. Oh My Gosh I did not remember that. So Barbara Rae, venter all because she was helping this woman, find her biological family that started this domino effect and got us all the way here. All four victims were able to be identified now. Well, I'm sorry they weren't able to be identified because the fourth victim we still don't know who this little girl was we just. Know that biologically she is the daughter of Teri Rasmussen. So he killed his his daughter he did authorities say it's possible that there's many more victims of has that they just haven't been able to link. It was kind of interesting. He wasn't a when I teach. He wasn't a specific sites not site specific or place specific also local it's funny you bring that up. Because I was going to say since you teach on serial killers I wanNA know your thoughts on this because I think what distinguishes him from most serial killers is he targeted people with whom he had a relationship with absolutely distinguishes them what I understand most serial killers actually have very strong family bonds and they focus on complete strangers that correct most serial killers will..

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