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Studios. I'm your host Jay west, Texas, Leeson, raven on got a good program ahead for you. Ross Ramsey executive editor of the Texas Tribune coming up about ten minutes from now to talk about all the latest in Texas legislature. We bring Ross on because Ross has a way of understanding the process in such a way that those of you who who raised children who've got real jobs who have all sorts of responsibilities. In cannot get a bent on. What's really going on Ross? Ramsey's your guy understand it. Like, nobody else does is able to put it in layman's terms, like nobody else in Ross be joining us here. Shortly to talk about issues that you need to know in be aware of I'm struck by the new Texas monthly magazine cover. It's all about Bucky Bucky the beaver and Bucky which you gotta drop off thirty five before you find the buckeyes, but the convenience store, Texas, and I say not so fast, my friend because the convenience store, Texas in my mind. As I look Wes about thirty five. Is you smell? It you smell the world famous breed. Oh that Chimi Chunga everything in the background the brick tiled floors. The, you know five. To star bathrooms. You know, what you love it? You've had the Tulsa p-, you know, when I'm referring to is also spin on an also. Fascination over the past few days is I've seen Buckley's covered more and more. It's not an amusement park. Also. But it has been providing west Texas communities with what they need out of Gallup, New Mexico. And that may be a problem for some folks out of Gallup, did you know that dairy queens out of like Minnesota. That's we're can't corporate headquarters are, but that's the stop sign in Texas. The need to have whole discussion about this in. Maybe maybe going to write about this soon. Also, the west Texas stop sign, then he is also love me. Some also saw closed down all substadi- in plain view. Admittedly. There was a more spacious also some five blocks away away from the churches where they could sell beer, but it makes one's heart shudder, regardless of how close next also ses to see an awesome closed down. Hey, I want to start out today by talking about something that I plod in certainly of if aired my differences with my state Representative Desam boroughs, but here I tried to be fair applied win. There needs to be applause. Doesn't boroughs to fall has filed a Bill requiring provider platform sales tax this via the daily toreador. But essentially what boroughs is doing is providers saying that these big online retailers need to pay taxes like small and medium-sized businesses. Do state Representative does some boroughs fouled house Bill fifteen twenty five which requires a sales tax to be put on national provider platforms. The Bill was planned to help small and medium size sellers who use provider platforms remotely, according to the news. Release quote, the legislation defines marketplace providers is those that own or operate a marketplace in process sales or payments for third party sellers. Burrow, said marketplace providers such as Oetzi EBay, and Amazon would all would all have. I'm sorry would have. All the rights and duties of a seller for sales made through the marketplace, including collection in audit responsibilities. Currently, and that's currently there are no tax related responsibilities on sales third party sellers. According to the release that charge could bring the change I should say should bring three hundred million or more to the state and local and state tax revenue in its first fiscal year. This is good news for Texas small businesses and retailers to.

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Texas, Ross Ramsey, Texas Tribune discussed on Other Side of Texas

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