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Us pray. Oh, gracious. God. We come before you this morning to worship you in spirit and insurance may the word of mouth and the meditation of each of our hearts be acceptable unto you in your sight. Oh, Lord, you are our strength, and you are our redeemer through Christ. We make this prayer and together, we all say. Man. Friends are electioneering checks inform us that today in the Church World. It's known as transfiguration Sunday. This Sunday marks the transition from the end of infamy to the beginning of lent for those of us engaged in the life of this church. We know that last Sunday was a time for us as a congregation deceive ourselves how the long range strategic plan for us to actively participate in following Jesus with N amidst, it is truly becoming a reality. The big ideas have been vetted and those five companies who were introduced to us are now part of our local mission in the community. Many of you have been actively involved for over thirty years in our women's center. Initially, it was called are women's shelter. And I've heard some horror stories from people like Vic Cavanagh and others who said that they were afraid to go to sleep. They had to stay awake because they had to be on guard for what might take place. However, thanks to guide do the generosity a mini of these members. Here. Our transition are center became a transition center. It was a transition center that we wanted to emphasize the fact that the ladies who would come in. They were transitioning from the state in which they were in into a more permanent housing situation. Well, we've known that the lettuce WTC. Indicated that our women's transition center, which is located on the fourth floor right here on our premises. Was available to women who at least worked half halftime. However, more recently, we have renamed the WTC to the women's transformation center. You may ask yourself. Well, why did you change the name again, it's still WTC, but we want it to indicate our expectations for change transformation, which should take place with each of us as Christians on this Christian journey. Previously. We wanted the women who entered the center to know that they were moving into a permanent home. Do our work that the Atlanta continuum of care and other agencies. We have discovered that our center did not meet the criteria for those agencies. When we were calling it our sales the transition.

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