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Year alone as a result of wildfires, but a new program makes it easier for you to prevent them while also protecting Valley water sources just $3 a month residential SRP, customers can support strategic thinning efforts and overgrown forest areas that could be fuel to wildfires know that when wildfires do come through, there's a lot of Devastating post wildfire a pack I'll be Barton with SRP says Some impacts include ash and debris is sent into the water and the neck to grade the water quality, she says. Well, fires can also affect water storage capacity. Gabriel Dominion PTR News. If you see a snowplow on your way up north, it might be doing more than just clearing the road. 25 snowplows are now equipped with cameras streaming a live video feed to a dot spokesman Doug Nick says these plows will keep him informed of road conditions as well as give data to engineers and maintenance workers. For those of you in the Valley. Let's get the latest on traffic live from the Valley Chevy Dealers Traffic Center here's JP funds. We'll start off on the surface streets and 75th Avenue and Thomas, you got occlusion there Another one Thunderbird at Central Avenue on 17 south and in Northern Avenue will wreck there is blocking the H O V lane. And if you're heading up north, there's heavy build up between the table Mesa Road in Black Canyon City on 17 north bound and 17 north down before Bumble Bee Road. You got an accident. They're off right? This report is sponsored by Ace the helpful place. Black Friday at Ace This Friday only visit ace hardware dot com to get your coupon for 50% off any item under $30 in store or online,.

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