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Watching this to me is almost this idea of it that is psychotherapy just theater right and i think that's interesting in in terms of the the time because like in the late '60s early 70s you had the beginnings of the anti psychiatry movement you know so you had a lot of people who psychology became hugely popular in the late '50s i mean this was psychology had gone from something where it was looked at as like you know only sick really messed up people you know got therapy or saw a psychologist or anything but by the late '50s it had become really invoke to lake have a therapist um and so psychology was sort of booming like through the fifties and sixties but by then by the end of the '60s there started to be a lot of scepticism about the power that psychologists and psychiatrists exerted over there patients and how easily they they could manipulate these people um and uh you know and so there were certain doctors that sort of uh you know people like ardy lang in scotland who is like a psychologist there he was sort he didn't use the word anti psychiatry but he was definitely try he was definitely going against the grain and trying to do uh alternative types of treatments um that themselves came under scrutiny later also because they were saying okay you're doing this this alternate type of treatment but year methods of treatment are actually even more cult lake then the things that you're complaining about you know so it sort of coal so interesting given that you'll cronenburg's wife went to a coal of sorts there's a sense in here that like oliver reed is playing almost a coleader right and that's very much like i feel like people looked at our delaying a bit like that too like that that people you know that he had like fans you know that just fawned over him and stuff and and so i feel like oliver reed is coming out of that tradition of these types of superstar rockstar psychologists you know um you know what did kronenbourg have against doctors just as like an overall thing they're the villains in so many of his films i mean starting with you know everything from like.

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